At The Golf Lab, we make golfers better, faster … and we have a very scientific and methodical way of making this happen!

We do not sell individual lessons as we believe this will not get the golfer to their goals.

Instead, we use technology to measure the starting point, progress and finishing point of all our programs to ensure that we have achieve our goal of making the golfer better.

The Golf Lab has developed its education systems by tracking the performance of over 2,000 golfers from 2010 to 2021.

Using our database of over one million tracked shots, and using 3D motion capture, physical performance information and statistics gathered, we have been able to develop scientifically quantifiable processes in club fitting and coaching with technology.

First of all, we put golfers through a Baseline Test that consists of five elements – Interview Process, TPI Physical Screening, Leg Dominance Test and Data Collection using Swing Catalyst Motion Plate and 3D Motion Capture using Gears.

Overhead Deep Squat

TPI Physical Screen
TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is the world's leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

The TPI Physical Screen is made up of 16 movements that relate to the golf swing. By screening the players’ mobility, we are able to get the player into swing positions that they are able to function in.

Examples of these movements are Overhead Deep Squat, Single Leg Balance and Bridge with Leg Extension.

Swing Catalyst

Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate
The Golf Lab is the first learning facility in Malaysia to utilize Swing Catalyst 3D Motion Plate that provides graphical data of the three main ground reaction forces:
1. Horizontal
2. Vertical
3. Torque

3D Motion Capture with Gears

3D Motion Capture using Gears
Gears is a motion analysis and body tracking system used by PGA professionals, club fitters and club manufacturers to measure and analyse every nuance of a swing. Golfers can view and experience their golf swings in slow motion capture, displayed in glorious 3D from address to follow-through.

Aaron Ng is a Senior Teaching Professional at The Golf Lab @ MST Golf Arena. For more information, call 012-264 7562, or follow The Golf Lab SEA on Facebook and Instagram: @thegolflabsea