Since its inception in 2017, Biz On Course has firmly established itself as the premier business networking golf platform in the country.

Founder Dahniel Poon noted that membership numbers are growing rapidly and, more significantly, the success rate of business deals within the exclusive network is also growing.

“We have more than 130 members now but our focus is on quality, not quantity. All prospective members are pre-interviewed as we want to ensure that they are business decision makers or company owners, ranging from SMEs to multi-billion ringgit companies.

"Our members are humble despite their success and, over the six years, we have cultivated a culture of camaraderie and mutual support within the network,” he noted.

“We limit the number of members in each business category so that there are optimum networking opportunities across a wide range of industries. We also try to keep our membership diverse so that it is made up of all races and even expatriates," added Poon.

Pre-game presentation and networking

A former corporate stalwart himself with over three decades’ experience with various companies including multinationals, Poon certainly knows what he's doing ... and the business deal success rate speaks for itself.  

“You’ll be amazed at the number of business deals and collaborations within the Biz On Course membership, and our members also help each other out with advice in their respective fields of expertise,” said Poon. 

One of the key factors behind Biz On Course’s success is the meeting which precedes all their monthly golf games, where members are able to make presentations, have discussions and basically network before teeing off.

“Using the Biz On Course platform, you can easily form lasting relationships with potential business associates, which would otherwise be almost impossible,” noted Poon.

“And you get to enjoy a monthly, guilt-free game of golf with people who matter!”

Jay Ho, one of Biz On Course’s earliest members, testifies to the effectiveness of the network.

“When I started playing golf about 12 years ago, I wondered how to use the game to network and talk about business. Biz On Course provided me with that platform, as it allows us to get together and talk business before golf,” he said.

Ho, who is the Executive Director of commercial air-conditioning and HVAC air-conditioning systems supplier eBoy, added: “The members are all key persons, from directors to CEOs, and we’ve become good friends over the years. I’ve made more than 20 business deals through the Biz On Course network!

“I also enjoy the golf part as it allows me to play with different levels of golfers, even single-handicappers! I’m not a very good golfer and am still learning, so that has really helped me improve.”

Jay’s view is mirrored by fellow pioneer member Patrick Klotz.

“Biz On Course provides a great networking platform with decision makers who have been carefully chosen. It’s a small, trusted circle of key people from various industries, where you can really engage with other members,” said Klotz, who is the Chief Executive Officer of digital transformation company Mindset.

“Golf is a complex game and you never stop learning and improving. I’m still a beginner and I only play in Biz On Course events ... it’s a great way to enjoy a round of golf and progress, as the atmosphere is more relaxed and not so competitive," added the Swiss national.

Mohd Ubaidillah, who is the Managing Director of Anirass Gaya Security Services, shared that he has received many business leads since joining Biz On Course in January, 2021.

“So far I’ve received many business leads from my fellow Biz In Course members and have already tied up one deal with three in the negotiation stage,” he said.

Ubaidillah noted that Biz On Course is not only an excellent networking platform but also provides a great opportunity to make new friends. “I love golf and play at least once a week.

"The Biz On Course event is fun and we really have a good time, not just on the golf course but also chit-chatting with fellow members about things like business and the economy, or just sharing ideas."

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Founder Dahniel Poon (right) presenting a prize during a Biz On Course event