MST Golf, Malaysia’s leading golf specialty retailer, hosted an impactful beach cleanup at Pantai Remis in honour of World Cleanup Day 2023. The community-driven event held last Saturday on August 19 brought together a diverse group of more than 90 volunteers including MST Golf's esteemed brand partners, employees, families, and suppliers. The day was testament to MST Golf's commitment in creating a Better Environment in line with its Proper Waste Management and Climate Change Resiliency sustainability indices.

A total of 299 kilograms of waste were collected and removed from Pantai Remis, ensuring a cleaner shoreline and a healthier ecosystem. From the total waste collected, 186.7 kilograms of recyclable waste gathered consisted of plastic bottles, food containers, single-use plastic, food packaging, tin, Styrofoam, metal, cardboards, glass, and other mixed wastes. It was heartwarming to see volunteers come together to preserve the environment and uplifting sustainability matters, underscoring the retailer’s efforts in driving positive change for a greener and more sustainable environment to live in.

Volunteers picking up waste at the mangrove area within Pantai Remis.

Group Chief Executive Officer of MST Golf, Mr. Ng Yap, expressed his excitement and pride as he reflected on the support that came in from employees, brand partners and suppliers at the beach cleanup event stating, "As an established golf specialty retailer and household name in Malaysia, we understand the importance of exercising sustainability to deliver long-term value to our consumers and stakeholders. Aligning our retail operations with sustainable strategies is crucial for the longevity of our business, and we are fully committed to that cause. As part of the golf ecosystem, we are determined to explore multiple avenues to drive sustainability and foster a culture of Better Business, Better Environment, and Better People within our company.”

The beach cleanup event was co-organised between MST Golf and Sustainability Solutions, while Purple Galaxy provided water refilling stations for participants to refill their water bottles instead of using single-use plastic bottles. Employees from brand partners adidas, Amer Sports and Under Armour also took part in the event by the golf retailer. Collectively with the golfing community from suppliers and employees, it was a memorable moment for the golfing community ‘off the green’, and coming together as one as we swing into sustainability for a good cause.

Sorting the gathered waste into different categories.

By setting a positive outcome from this hands-on experience stressing the issues plaguing our environment, MST Golf aims to cultivate a proactive attitude among employees towards implementing sustainable practices at home or in the work environment. In 2021, the company launched its Care Green initiative focusing on the three Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle rolled out across its retail outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. The initiative includes the use of recyclable paper bags for customers for every purchase, recycle bins at MST Golf outlets to encourage the habit of recycling, reusing packaging material and reducing single use materials.