The Golf Lab has partnered with The Professional Golfers' Association of Malaysia (PGAM) to establish a collaborative apprenticeship program aimed at nurturing high-quality coaches.

With this partnership, PGAM has appointed The Golf Lab as one of their Apprenticeship Center. Through this collaboration, aspiring coaches can benefit from the Golf Lab's online certification and a two-year internship program at Golf Lab locations in Malaysia. Upon completing the internship, the apprentice will be recommended by the Head Coach to apply to become a Vocational Member of PGAM.

PGAM President, Chong Chee Ming stated: “Our partnership with The Golf Lab marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance professional golf instruction in Malaysia. Together, we are committed to developing top-quality coaches who will raise the standard of the game.”

The primary objective of this apprenticeship program is to educate and train individuals to become qualified golf coaches who can elevate the standard of the game at all levels, be it junior, amateur, or professional.

Chong Chee Ming, President of PGAM and Liam Mucklow, Founder of The Golf Lab shaking hands after completing the signing.

“The Apprentice Program provides students with hands on quality training as well as in-depth information on equipment, technology, club fitting, club building and coaching. We look forward to supporting the talent development in Malaysia”, shared The Golf Lab founder, Liam Mucklow.

The program aims to achieve the following goals:
Enhancing Teaching Methodology and Techniques: The program focuses on equipping coaches with the most effective teaching methodologies and techniques. By staying updated with the latest practices, coaches will be better equipped to meet the needs of their students.

Instilling Professional Code of Conduct: Professionalism and integrity are emphasized to ensure coachesuphold the good name of PGAM. This commitment to ethical conduct contributes to the reputation of the golf industry in Malaysia.

The collaboration between PGAM and The Golf Lab is a significant step toward building quality coaches in the country. By combining the expertise of The Golf Lab with the support and recognition of PGAM, aspiring coaches in Malaysia now have a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and establish successful career in the industry. As these highly trained coaches enter the field, they will contribute to the growth and development of golf in Malaysia while upholding the principles of professionalism set by PGAM and The Golf Lab.

To apply for the program, individuals can contact The Golf Lab Head Coach, Aaron Ng at 012-264 7562.