Hiroko Oga of Japan created a slice of golfing history by becoming the winner of the inaugural Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation (APGC) Senior Women’s Amateur Championship, which ended at Kota Permai Golf & Country Club yesterday.

The 52-year-old emerged triumphant after an engrossing three-day duel with Sue Wooster, who had the consolation of leading Australia to victory in the women’s team event partnering Nadene Gole and Jacqueline Morgan. Oga finished with a 54-hole total of 227 (78-74-75), five shots clear of Wooster (75-76-81).

Australia’s men’s team also proved too strong for their rivals with the quartet of Greg Rhodes, Ken Brewer, Ian Frost and Mark Allen sweeping to a seven-stroke victory over Korea.

63-year-old Rhodes also claimed the men’s individual title with a 54-hole aggregate of 224 (76-75-73), three strokes ahead of Singapore's Jimmy Aw (75-77-75).

“It’s been a fabulous week. I’ll remember the course, the hospitality and the good people we were able to meet and play with,” said Rhodes, who represented his country the last time the APGC championship was staged in 2019 at Sungai Long Golf & Country Club, also in Malaysia.

“It’s always an honour to represent your country and always good to win a team event, It’s a magnificent course – although the greens are difficult to understand,” added Rhodes, who said his caddie was instrumental in helping him putt well.

For Oga, it was her first visit to Malaysia. “I’ve loved it here.

“Thank you to the APGC for introducing a Seniors Championship for women. Thanks also to the Malaysian Golf Association (MGA) for making the championship such a success,” said the number one ranked senior female in Japan, who won the Japan Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship in the last week of October. She followed that up by capturing the Japan Women’s Senior Championship last week.

Taimur Hassan Amin, Chairman of the APGC, said: “Congratulations to Hiroko and Greg. They are worthy champions who played throughout with smiles on their faces.

“We’re especially pleased to have launched our Senior Women’s Championship and look forward to seeing it growing and becoming an annual highlight on our calendar."

224 – Greg Rhodes (Australia) 76-75-73
227 – Jimmy Aw (Singapore) 75-77-75
230 – Ken Brewer (Australia) 75-75-80
231 – Kim Yang-kwon (Korea) 74-84-73; Malcolm Gullery (New Zealand) 79-75-77
233 – Doug Williams (Hong Kong) 78-80-75; Michael Barltrop (New Zealand) 74-76-83
234 – Ajai Singh Sirohi (India) 78-75-81
235 – John Ball (Hong Kong) 83-76-76; Ian Frost (Australia) 75-78-82
688 – Australia 226-228-234 (Greg Rhodes 76-75-73; Ken Brewer 75-75-80; Ian Frost 75-78-82; Mark Allen 79-83-81)
695 – Korea 236-232-227 (Kim Yang-kwon 74-84-73; Jang Heong-seo 78-78-80, Lim Nae-rack 84-76-78; Hwan Chung 85-78-76)
708 – Hong Kong 235-238-235 (Syren Johnstone 76-92-85; Doug Williams 81-80-75; John Ball 83-76-76; Tony Taylor 81-82-84)
711 – Singapore 234-234-241 (Jimmy Aw 75-77-75; Tim Pinnegar 78-83-83; Lai Chee Weng 81-76-85; Andrew Ng 82-90-83)
717 – New Zealand 239-237-241 (Michael Barltrop 74-76-83; Malcolm Gullery 79-75-77, William Houng-Lee 86-86-81)
725 – India 236-235-254 (Ajai Singh Sirohi 78-75-81, David D’Souza 78-81-85, Dilip Sharma 80-86-88; Lokendra Malik 83-81-90)
227 – Hiroko Oga (Japan) 78-74-75
232 – Sue Wooster (Australia) 75-76-81
234 – Nadene Gole (Australia) 84-75-75
235 – Tomoko Suzuki (Japan) 70-83-82
241 – Jacqueline Morgan (Australia) 76-81-84; Lam Kui Moi (Malaysia) 78-80-83
248 – Mayumi Tanaka (Japan) 80-86-82
250 – Felicia Louey (Hong Kong) 84-81-85
256 – Ireen Teng (Malaysia) 86-92-78
458 – Australia 151-151-156 (Sue Wooster 75-76-81; Nadene Gole 84-75-75; Jacqueline Morgan 76-81-84)
462 – Japan 148-157-157 (Hiroko Oga 78-74-75; Tomoko Suzuki 70-83-82; Mayumi Tanaka 80-86-82)
496 – Malaysia 164-171-161 (Lam Kui Moi 78-80-83, Ireen Teng 86-92-78; Doris Yee 88-91-88)
511 – Hong Kong 174-168-169 (Felicia Louey 84-81-82, Yvonne Wong 90-90-93; Cathy Chung 96-87-87)