The new OnOff Labospec Plus Driver performs to the very limit of the rules, thanks to a dynamic, high MOI head featuring Cross Balance Technology.

Cross Balance Technology allows players to adjust the balance of the club, making it easier to swing. Optimal swing equals more consistent impact and higher ball speeds for more distance.

By using a lightweight carbon crown and a weight screw in the sole, the CG is pushed lower and deeper. As the dynamic head creates more force at impact, the high MOI characteristics result in less twisting of the clubhead at impact. This combination results in drives that fly straight and far.

Cross Balance Technology allows players to not only fine tune the head weight but to also swap weights between the head and grip using a dedicated wrench. This all-new system allows swing weight changes on the fly, where golfers can customize swing weight to match their desired feel for easier swings.

The head shape flexes at impact and then is powerfully restored as the ball shoots off the face, resulting in more spring effect and more efficient energy transfer for higher ball speeds and straighter shots.
The sweet spot area is increased for less distance and direction loss on miss-hits. The new triple Power Trench expands the sweet spot so that even toe and heel misses still fly far.

Using new high strength titanium and an integrated face and body design, the Plus driver pushes the limits of the rules for spring effect. The face structure not only increases repulsion but widens the sweet area significantly and improves the feel at impact.

An all new, lighter weight CBT-822D shaft featuring Daiwa Carbon Technology was made specially for the Plus, enhancing performance while also reducing the weight. This balance improves the overall club feel and makes it easier to swing, resulting in more distance and forgiveness as the club squares to the head without the player having to worry about timing.

SRP: RM3,800. Available exclusively at MST Golf stores.