PXG's new 0311 3X Forged Wedges are flawlessly forged and ideal for playing from virtually any turf condition, featuring a confidence-inspiring design and Precision Milled Full Face Groove Technology.

Engineered from high-grade 8620 soft carbon steel, the 3X wedges have precision milled grooves that are designed at the USGA limit to support extreme shot-making, maximizing spin on shorter shots while optimizing spin on longer shots from the fairway.

Full Face Groove Technology expands the hitting area for shots played toward the toe side of the face. The expanded groove length helps ensure more consistent results on impacts across the face.

The neutral sole design performs well from virtually any turf condition. A moderate taper from toe to heel allows the clubhead to be opened while keeping the lead edge closer to the ground. A moderate amount of sole curvature, or camber, from front to back ensures ample bounce on full swings with plenty of relief for flop shots.

High Toe Weighting Technology creates a high MOI and positions the CG more in-line with open face shots for enhanced consistency.

PXG 0311 3X Forged Wedges undergo a precision robotic polishing process, an extremely precise manufacturing process that supports consistent sole and face perimeter geometry with every club.

SRP (clubhead only):
Malaysia - RM990 / Singapore - SGD329
Available at MST Golf Tech Shops