TaylorMade Golf revitalizes the essence of their iconic franchise with the release of the Spider Tour Series, a line of high MOI putters with renowned technologies like True Path™ Alignment, Pure Roll™, and TSS weighting.

These putters offer stability with a multi-material construction that pushes weight low and back in the head, maintaining the classic Spider Tour shape. A steel wireframe construction allows for precise weight distribution and CG location, catering to various putting styles.

The new HYBRAR Echo® Damper enhances sound and feel by dampening unwanted vibrations. The Spider Tour Series features the same Pure Roll insert as the original Spider X putter, delivering a soft yet responsive feel with grooves angled to improve topspin.

The Gunmetal PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish not only looks great but also adds durability to the putters. It provides protection against regular use and environmental elements. Brian Bazzel, VP of Product Creation at TaylorMade, emphasized the stability and high-MOI performance of Spider putters, highlighting their iconic features like True Path and Pure Roll.

In this new series, there are different weight options with different centre of gravity placements to help different golfers putt better.


Spider Tour
Spider Tour is one of the most recognizable shapes in the putting world, accounting for dozens of victories on professional tours across the globe. TaylorMade is breathing new life into the company’s most popular creations with enhanced materials, a new colour and refined weight distribution.

The Spider Tour model has a CG location of 35mm from the face, 5,700 MOI and 29° of toe hang on a small slant hosel. Spider Tour has over 700 MOI more than the previous model.

Spider Tour X
Made popular as the putter of choice for Rory McIlroy, the Spider X shape has been one of the most sought-after in the franchise. It was originally designed to convert players who loved blade putters into mallets, using a compact shape and modern look to deliver a more blade-like feel with the added benefits of alignment and forgiveness that are incumbent to Spider putters.

TSS weights in Spider Tour X are placed farther forward, generating more face rotation and a CG placement that is 33mm from the face compared to 35mm of Spider Tour. This model has MOI of 5,000 and 30° of toe hang on the small slant hosel.

Spider Tour Z
Spider Tour Z is one of two new shapes in this lineup, paying homage to the Spider Tour with a wing shaped back. The perimeter of this putter sits low in the ground to provide a comfortable feeling at address and help frame the golf ball for easy alignment. TSS weights on this model are placed very far forward to encourage more face rotation and a blade-like feel.

It has a CG location of 29mm from the face, 5,050 MOI and 29° of toe hang with a small slant hosel.

Spider Tour V
Spider Tour V eliminates the wing structure and creates a more modern streamlined look. It is the smallest putter in shape and size in the lineup, providing the most rotation of the bunch.

Spider Tour V has a CG location of 27mm from the face, MOI of 4,900 and 32° of toe hang with a small slant hosel.

Prices, Availability & Specifications
Spider Tour series putters are available in stores with a SRP of RM2,390/$735 SGD. All models come equipped with a white/yellow SuperStroke GT 1.0 Pistol grip and gloss black PVD KBS shaft