Mizuno has launched their latest generation Mizuno Pro Series of irons; the Mizuno Pro 221, 223 and 225, and the Fli-Hi driving irons.

The Mizuno Pro line, previously more widely known as the MP line, has always been Mizuno's most forward-thinking iron series. The line has had a tradition of including cutting-edge engineering concealed within precise playing profiles that are preferred by the game's elite players.

Showcasing the recent feel-orientated introductions of Grain Flow Forging HD and soft copper underlay, the Mizuno Pro 221, 223 and 225 irons offer a superb blend of power, playability and a uniquely satisfying Mizuno sensation at impact.

"The concept of Mizuno Pro can be misunderstood – we're not trying to design instant classics or works of art. Mizuno just hides technology incredibly well. This could be perceived as the ultimate betrayal of Mizuno Pro. But the true essence has always been to make history – not be stuck in it," said Chris Voshall, Product Manager of Mizuno Golf.

The Pro 221 is hailed as the ultimate muscleback iron, inspired by iconic Mizuno blades of the past, while the Pro 223 is an elite player’s cavity iron and the Pro 225 features a hot metal blade design.

"From an engineering perspective – the Mizuno Pro 223 is probably the biggest step forward of all three new irons. The 221 and 225 are refined versions of their predecessors (MP-20 & MP-20 HMB) – but the 223 is a completely new concept. An incredibly compact player’s profile - smaller in every way than the iron it replaces. With Chromoly Forged and a hidden micro-slot from 4-7 iron," noted David Llewellyn, Director of R&D for Mizuno.



The Ultimate Muscleback 

Inspired by the iconic blades of Mizuno’s past, the Pro 221 has evolved to be more playable through incremental refinements in shape and weight placement. The irons have been bevelled for the appearance of a shorter face profile and narrower top line, but without loss of mass in the upper blade. The changes in the 221 irons have resulted in a dramatically more compact shape in the scoring irons than their predecessors.

"We're obviously working in small increments on a Mizuno muscleback – we have to dig quite deep to get any negative feedback,” said Llewellyn. “The copper underlay and Grain Flow forging was such a great foundation on the MP-20. Players with a good eye will enjoy the subtle shape changes through the set – especially the 8, 9, PW."



Elite Players Cavity 

According to Mizuno, the Mizuno Pro 223 irons deliver everything tour players need to compete on extended, more demanding golf courses. The 223s manage to conceal a ball speed enhancing construction within the frame of a compact player’s cavity, while a completely new technology platform from the 4 to 7 irons combines Mizuno's tried and tested Chromoly Forging and Flow Micro-Slot to produce extreme ball speeds.

From the 8 iron to pitching wedge, the Pro 223 are constructed from 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel for excellent precision and control.

"The good way to look at the new Mizuno Pro 223 is that we shrunk the JPX921 Forged technology platform to the profile of one of our small player's cavities – comparable to the MP-62, MP-64 or MP-18SC," said Llewellyn. 



Hot Metal Blade Design

The Mizuno Pro 225 is Mizuno’s second generation of the hot metal blade and is the most playable of the Pro Series. It’s more compact than the original MP20 HMB with a revised CORTECH multi-thickness face for even quicker ball speeds.

The Hot Metal Blade design features the Grain Flow Forged 4135 Chromoly in the face and neck for the 2-iron through to the 8-iron. Mizuno combined this with a COR Forged Hollow Body and tungsten weight within the 2-iron to 7-iron to produce a higher, more stable flight with enhanced ball speed.

In the 9-iron and pitching wedge, 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel is used with stabilizing back weight for greater precision and a more penetrating ball flight.

"The original Hot Metal Blade was the extension of our hybrid iron technology into a full bladed look set. The new Mizuno Pro 225 pushes the profile and size deeper in the realms of the tour – but commits more fully to the pursuit of ball speed," Llewellyn explained.



The Authentic Driving Iron

The Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi is made as a long iron replacement with a priority on ball speed and designed to be played with a graphite shaft. As a dedicated driving iron, the Pro Fli-Hi has a longer head length, a little extra offset and a wider sole than the Pro 225 long irons.

According to Mizuno, they managed to deliver vastly increased ball speeds in the Fli-Hi through their first ever use of the Maraging MAS1C face in an iron.

"Over the last couple of seasons, we've noticed that there are two types of tour player – those who predominantly use their long iron hybrids into greens and others who use them to hit more fairways. With the Mizuno Pro 225 and Fli-Hi, we've got options for both – or to meet changing demands players might encounter at different types of courses," said Jeff Cook, PGA Tour Manager of Mizuno Golf.

The Mizuno Pro Series irons are available at MST Golf stores in Malaysia and Singapore. The new irons are also available for custom fittings through MST Golf Tech Shops.



Mizuno Pro 221 (5i to P): RM5,690 (MY)/$1,900 (SG)

Mizuno Pro 223 (5i to P): RM5,850 (MY)/$1,980 (SG)

Mizuno Pro 225 (5i to P): RM5,850 (MY)/$1,980 (SG)

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi: RM1,150 (MY)/$385 (SG)