Wilson Golf announced the re-launch of its Dynapower franchise, marking nearly 70 years since the franchise redefined expectations in the iron category. The new line includes adjustable drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.

Tim Clarke, President of Wilson Golf said: "Dynapower changed the game of golf seven decades ago, and it’s time for Wilson to do it again. These powerful irons and adjustable drivers are built with our legendary history in mind as we continue to innovate and deliver top-of-the-line products that raise the confidence of golfers at all skill levels. Our technology is second to none, and we’re extremely proud of this new line of Dynapower products."

The original Dynapower iron was introduced by Wilson in 1956, featuring a patented bore-through hosel design that revolutionized weight distribution. By drilling weight out of the hosel, Wilson was able to redistribute weight directly behind the hitting area, resulting in more power. The 2023 Dynapower irons are built on this same concept using Dynapower A.I. modeling to redefine distance. Wilson has identified the perfect variable thickness option for each section of the face, the clubface extra hot, especially center-to-toe, where approximately 85 percent of shots are hit.

Dynapower Iron highlights:
High MOI / low CG head design: Features a high MOI head design for stability on off-center hits and a low center of gravity that fuels high launch and steeper descent angles.

Powerful player-preferred head: Featuring a pleasing top line and optimal offset for a powerful and balanced look at address.

Pricing (MRSP):
Dynapower Steel Shaft Irons (5-PG): RM 3,990
Dynapower Graphite Shaft Irons (5-PG): RM 4,790

New Dynapower drivers are available in two high-performance options – Carbon or Titanium – each offering a variety of custom fit settings. However, only the Titanium version will be available in Malaysia. Complementary fairway woods and hybrids round out the metalwood line.

Dynapower Titanium Driver highlights:
Neutral-to-draw bias, High MOI head design: Designed to deliver tour-level power with maximum forgiveness. A 16-gram rear weight helps produce a high MOI driver head with a deep rear CG that delivers forgiving, mid-to-high launch angles with a neutral-to-draw bias.

Dynamic face thickness: The PKR2 dynamic face thickness is optimized over the extended area of the clubface to power faster ball speeds.

Dynamic six one-click hosel adapter: The new six-way adjustable hosel allows players to change their loft and spin in a matter of seconds.

Pricing (MRSP):
Dynapower Titanium Driver: RM2,650

Dynapower Fairway Woods highlights:
Featuring rear weighting and variable face thickness to deliver the fastest ball speeds over the entire face for higher, soaring ball flight.
High MOI head design: Dynapower fairway woods feature a 12-gram rear weight to produce a stable, high MOI club head that delivers forgiving, higher launch angles.
Advance, tour-inspired head shape: Tour player testing resulted in a flatter profile for a clean setup behind the ball.

Pricing (MRSP):
Dynapower Fairway Woods: RM1,320

Dynapower Hybrids highlights:
Showcases a low center of gravity (CG) and variable face thickness to deliver easy-to-launch ball flight, precise distance, and tour-player-preferred, flatter profile for a confident setup.

High MOI head design: Internal weighting positions the CG low and back to produce a high MOI clubhead for more forgiveness and higher launch angles.

Advance, tour-inspired head shape: Tour player testing resulting in a flatter profile for a clean setup behind the ball.

Pricing (MRSP):
Dynapower Hybrids: RM1,050