Callaway’s new Great Big Bertha Family combines high-calibre materials and top-notch construction for game-enhancing performance so players can experience the qualities synonymous with Great Big Bertha: speed, easy distance and more quality golf shots.

Great Big Bertha Drivers
Thanks to the implementation of industry-leading technologies, the lightweight easy-to-swing Great Big Bertha driver (30g lighter than the Rogue ST MAX driver) is matched with improved design features to promote increased distance with a draw bias, especially for moderate swing speed players.

Its lightweight Triaxial Carbon Crown and Forged Carbon Sole increase MOI, the CG has been moved lower and deeper to enhance forgiveness, and the steel sole plate makes it easier to hit a draw. The Jailbreak Speed Frame is powered by A.I. for enhanced horizontal and torsional stability, promoting ball speed across the face. Callaway’s A.I. face technology now includes spin optimisation which increases ball speed while lowering spin to increase total distance.

MAP: RM3,999

Great Big Bertha Fairway Woods
A uniquely designed titanium face and body enable the Great Big Bertha fairway woods to provide increased ball speed and forgiveness. Usually reserved for drivers, titanium provides Great Big Bertha with a significant weight and strength advantage compared to a traditional steel fairway wood. By leveraging a titanium face and body, 53% of the total head weight is made up of discretionary weight. This weight savings enables a larger, more forgiving footprint and an ultra-low CG.

The titanium face is uniquely optimised for each fairway wood head through A.I. for enhanced ball speed and spin consistency. The Triaxial Carbon Crown and Forged Carbon Sole reposition weight to areas where it is most effectively used for increased forgiveness and launch. The Jailbreak with Batwing Technology meanwhile pushes stiffness to the perimeter while still allowing the face to flex for high ball speeds across the face.

MAP: RM3,199

Great Big Bertha Hybrid
The Great Big Bertha hybrid is built from driver DNA, creating exceptional ball speed and forgiveness on a wide variety of shots. A titanium face and body save weight to increase MOI, while the A.I.-designed titanium face cup and Jailbreak with Batwing Technology enhance speed across the face. The refined fairway wood-like shape provides confidence at address and the sole has been designed with more camber to improve turf interaction, especially from difficult lies.

Callaway engineers leveraged a titanium face and body, resulting in 100g of discretionary saved weight, which is redistributed to enhance ball speed, improve forgiveness and promote an easy launch. The A.I. designed Jailbreak with Batwing Technology, employed in a hybrid for the first time, increases stiffness in the perimeter and allows the face to flex for high ball speeds across the face. A lighter, stronger Triaxial Carbon Crown promotes added forgiveness, while the Forged Carbon sole plate also aids in weight savings and relocates the CG to create a slight draw bias.

MAP: RM2,799

Great Big Bertha Irons
Featuring the brand’s first ultra-premium multipiece, titanium design, Great Big Bertha irons combine driver-like power with the precision of an iron. They feature the thinnest titanium face ever used in a Callaway iron, and also the lightest. The Commercially Pure Grade 4 (CP4) Titanium body flexes more at impact than traditional steel and works together with the thinner face to transfer more energy to the ball.

The Tungsten Speed Cartridge features up to 145g of high-density tungsten, which provides increased speed and launch by giving them the deepest center of gravity the brand has ever achieved in an iron. Great Big Bertha is the first Callaway iron to combine titanium and industry-leading A.I. technologies for optimised performance. Its patented urethane microspheres enchance sound and deliver a softer feel, while still allowing the face to flex for more ball speed.

MAP: From RM11,999 (6-P)

Available now at all authorised outlets



Bettinardi Golf is proud to debut its 2023-2024 Queen B Series putters. Originally making its appearance over a decade ago, the Queen B series has always been revered for its glamorous finishes, elegant contours, and heavier head weights.

Artfully designed for performance, the new Queen B Series includes four timeless models that continue to push the boundaries of tradition while maintaining the line’s aesthetic charm. The 2023-2024 Queen B Series enhances the Queen B 6 & Queen B 11, while also introducing two brand-new models, the Queen B 14 and Queen B 15.Bettinardi Queen B Series: Queen B 6 & Queen B 11

The entire series is crafted using 303 Stainless Steel, which is the preferred metal of Bettinardi Tour staffers worldwide due to its durable nature and solid feel. The Queen B line also features an all-new Caramel Copper PVD finish, which not only accentuates the classic beauty of each model but ultimately optimizes visual cues on the greens to give a confidence-inspiring appearance at every crucial putt.

The new Queen B line will debut Bettinardi Golf’s new Mini Honeycomb face milling. This newly developed face utilizes an 8% smaller machine tool in order to provide the softest Honeycomb face to date while showcasing the beauty of the classic design.

“By utilizing an even smaller machining tool during the milling process, we were able to remove more material from the face of the putter, creating a softer feel at impact,” said Bob Bettinardi, CEO and Founder of Bettinardi Golf. “Since 1998, Bettinardi putters have been world-renowned for our Honeycomb face milling. Twenty-five years later, my patented face continues to evolve and produces one of the most recognizable looks and feels in golf.”Bettinardi Queen B Series: Queen B 14 & Queen B 15

“The Queen B Series of putters has always been a timeless creation milled right here in Tinley Park, Illinois,” said Sam Bettinardi, President of Bettinardi Golf. “With its eye-catching finish, classic Bettinardi appearance, and stunning machine work, the QB line produces some of the most coveted putters in the game of golf, and we are so proud to continue the legacy with our new 2023-2024 models.”

All four models of the 2023-2024 Queen B Series putters are available at MST retail outlets in Malaysia and Singapore as well as on their online website.

Suggested Retail Price: RM2,390 / SGD769

Building upon the tour-proven success of 2020’s Special Select line, Scotty Cameron introduces 10 new Super Select models engineered based on feedback from the game’s best players. The latest range features new blade and mid-mallet models, refined milling methods, revamped neck styles, improved multi-material construction and cutting-edge weight distribution to deliver a Select line superior to any before it.

Six of the new models — Super Select Newport, Newport Plus, Newport 2, Newport 2 Plus, Newport 2.5 Plus and Squareback 2 — will be available beginning March 18, 2023. (The Newport 2 and Newport 2.5 Plus models will also be offered in left-handed configurations.)

An additional four models — Super Select Fastback 1.5, Del Mar, GOLO 6 and GOLO 6.5 — will be released on May 20, 2023. (Del Mar and GOLO 6.5 models will be offered in left-handed options as well.)

Key Features

• Innovative ‘Plus’ Designs: Offering putters that deliver mallet-like forgiveness and stability in slim, blade-like shapes, Scotty Cameron designed the Super Select Newport Plus, Newport 2 Plus and Newport 2.5 Plus models with innovative, slightly wider profiles than traditional blade dimensions. The Plus models are sized in between a traditional blade width and wider-flanged models like the Squareback 2 mid-mallet. Leveraging the multi-material construction of combining precision milled 303 stainless steel heads and 6061 aircraft aluminum sole plates, weight from the center of the putter head has been repositioned around the perimeter to increase stability. This new design gives players a familiar, blade-like view from address and increases MOI for a confidence-inspiring setup.

• New ‘Dual-Milled’ Face Technology: The Super Select line introduces a new dual-milled face milling technology that takes sound, feel and feedback to a new level, combining the softness revered in previously released deep-milled putters with the feedback, consistency and roll of Scotty’s more recent mid-milled offerings. After a deep-milled pass of the mill across the putter face, a second pass of the mill levels the peaks of the face milling, producing a flatter, more consistent surface for the ball to contact the putter face. Brought over from Scotty Cameron’s tour prototypes, this new face technology brings a tour-inspired look and feel to the Super Select line, along with the line’s most consistent face to date.

• New ‘I-beam’ Neck Design: Apart from the Super Select Del Mar and GOLO 6 models, each Super Select putter features a new ‘I-beam’ neck design that Scotty adapted from putters he’s made for tour professionals. The new, precision sculpted neck designs give each model a racier, industrial look, but also allow for the removal and targeted repositioning of weight from the neck to the heel and toe of the putter head. This, coupled with a strategically placed notch on the models with a plumbing neck — positioned for precise lie adjustment — and Scotty’s larger signature milled dots in the pocket, allowed additional weight to be precisely redistributed to the toe and heel areas where it will most benefit players.

• Performance Weighting: Each new Super Select putter incorporates performance weighting technology featuring customizable sole weights precision milled in the US from either 303 stainless steel or heavier tungsten for the Newport and Newport 2 models. Used in conjunction with purpose-built aluminum sole plates on all Plus, mid-mallet and GOLO models, Scotty’s performance weighting concept allows for optimal weight distribution and higher MOI so each putter can achieve ideal balance and proper performance at every length.

The new Super Select models offer golfers multiple options in 33", 34" and 35" lengths, each with a specific neck/shaft configuration (either flow, jet, plumbing or shaft-over spud) and the proper sole weight designation for ultimate player flexibility, sizing and preference.

Super Select Newport
Precision milled from 303 stainless steel, this blade includes a new I-beam plumbing neck, the Newport’s distinctive rounded features and a dual-milled face texture. With adjustable performance sole weights milled from raw tungsten, this putter has a solid face and a misted stainless steel finish.

Super Select Newport Plus
Crafted slightly wider than a standard blade, this rounded solid stainless steel model presents a new size in high-performance putter design that integrates proven multi-material methodology with a 6061 aluminum sole plate, solid 303 stainless steel face and stainless steel sole weights. 

Super Select Newport 2
The line’s flagship model with its crisp, mechanical shape is milled from 303 stainless steel with a solid face, customizable tungsten sole weights, a tri-sole design, the tour-inspired, new I-beam plumbing neck and dual-milled face technology. A left-handed model is also available. 

Super Select Newport 2 Plus
With a slightly wider flange than the Newport 2, the Newport 2 Plus incorporates a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate with a precision milled solid stainless steel face and customizable stainless steel sole weights for a new shape with increased MOI.

Super Select Newport 2.5 Plus
With its MOI-enhancing wider face-to-flange shape, the Super Select Newport 2.5 Plus incorporates dual-milled face technology, a new sculpted I-beam-style jet neck and a solid milled stainless steel face with a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate and customizable stainless steel sole weights. A left-handed model is also available. 

Super Select Squareback 2
The Super Select Squareback 2 is a wider-bodied, angular mid-mallet with higher MOI, a solid milled putter face and an integrated 6061 aluminum sole plate with stainless steel sole weights, a refined I-beam plumbing neck and dual-milled face technology.

Super Select Del Mar
The new Super Select Del Mar is a heel-shafted compact mallet with a flow neck precision milled from solid 303 stainless steel that includes dual-milled face technology and customizable stainless steel sole weights. It is also available in a left-handed configuration.

Super Select Fastback 1.5
With a new precision sculpted I-beam jet neck—as well as the line’s new dual-milled face technology—the Super Select Fastback 1.5 is a mid-mallet with a solid milled putter face integrated with an engineered 6061 aluminum sole plate and stainless steel sole weights.  

Super Select GOLO 6
The GOLO returns in a new size as the Super Select GOLO 6, a rounded compact mallet precision milled from 303 stainless steel sized in between the previous GOLO 5 and 7 models. With a mid-bend shaft and an integrated sole plate machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum, the GOLO 6 includes the line’s new dual-milled face technology and stainless steel sole weights. 

Super Select GOLO 6.5
The Super Select GOLO 6.5 has a small I-beam jet neck and is precision milled from 303 stainless steel with a solid face and an integrated 6061 aircraft aluminum sole plate. It includes the line’s dual-milled face technology and adjustable performance weighting with stainless steel sole weights. A left-handed Super Select GOLO 6.5 is also available.

Weighting & Shafts: Each new Super Select putter features performance weighting with two customizable heel-toe weights (tungsten or stainless steel based on model) and stepless steel shafts. 

New Grips: Each Super Select model has a specific grip, designed to not only provide each putter’s proper swing weight and balance, but also to offer the right in-hand feel. The Newport, Newport 2, and new Plus models come equipped with a textured Pistolini Plus grip, a smaller design with a thicker, more substantial feel through the lower part of the grip. This grip is paired with the blade-style putters, while a new, textured Pistolero Plus grip has been paired with the mid-mallets and Del Mar. The Squareback 2, Fastback 1.5, Del Mar, GOLO 6 and GOLO 6.5 each come with a Pistolero Plus grip that carries through the line’s color scheme. When comparing grips, the Pistolero Plus has a larger profile in the top hand location near the butt of the grip and is also slightly heavier and provides the appropriate complement to the mid-mallet putters’ head shapes.


Finish & Graphics: New 2023 Super Select stainless steel putter heads all undergo Scotty’s silver mist process for a near-permanent, radiant, yet glare resistant, appearance and texture. The 6061 aircraft grade aluminum components have been misted and anodized in a clear, bright aluminum finish. Scotty’s familiar three-dot theme carries through to the back cavities as unpainted, raw circles milled into the stainless steel. The engravings and sight lines are painted asphalt gray, except on the soles where Scotty Cameron and the “+” symbols on Plus models are accented in cherry red translucent paint.

Availability: Super Select Newport, Newport Plus, Newport 2, Newport 2 Plus, Newport 2.5 Plus and Squareback 2 putter models — beginning March 18, 2023.
Super Select Del Mar, Fastback 1.5, GOLO 6 and GOLO 6.5 models — beginning May 20, 2023.  

MAP: Malaysia — MYR 2,119 / Singapore — SGD 699


The new T-Series Black irons – T100, T100•S and T200 – utilize an improved heat-treated binding process to deliver a stylish, tour-inspired look that players love with an even more durable, long-lasting finish. The new Titanium Carbide Vapor finish is matched with True Temper AMT Black, AMT Tour White and Project X LZ shafts that have an onyx powder coat finish. All-black Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips complete the set-up for a strikingly clean look.

“New T-Series irons have proven to be the most advanced irons we’ve ever made,” said Josh Talge, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “The tour-inspired shaping combines with ultimate forgiveness and feel to give golfers the looks and performance needed to play their best. T-Series Black irons take it to the next level with a new Titanium Carbide Vapor finish that looks incredible and is more durable than ever.”

Golfers on tour currently gaming T100 Black irons include Cameron Smith, Lanto Griffin, CT Pan and Callum Tarren. 

“I love the finish,” said Smith, who has recorded multiple victories with his T100 Black models in the bag including The Players and The Open Championship at St Andrews. “The new black finish is a little bit more durable – they’ve definitely stood the test of time. I just like how they look. I think they look a little bit smaller. This lets me narrow in a little bit more and obviously the less glare and stuff like that off the sun, helps that a lot.”

T100 Technology: With a tour-contoured sole and variable bounce design, T100 irons are designed to produce the best turf interaction in the game. T100 irons feature dense D18 tungsten weights that allow for maximum control over CG placement, and a fully forged construction brings together the forgiveness and feel needed by the game’s best. 

T100 Black Specifications (Custom Only)
• RH, LH availability (4-P)
• Finish: Titanium Carbide Vapor

T100•S Technology: Retaining the key features of T100, but with 2-degree stronger lofts and a new Muscle Channel, the T100•S iron is built to be the faster tour iron. T100•S features the same forged construction and dense D18 tungsten weights as T100, and with even more weight savings from the added Muscle Channel, T100•S has an even lower CG placement promoting optimized launch conditions. 

T100•S Black Specifications
• RH, LH availability (4-P)
• Finish: Titanium Carbide Vapor
• Shaft: Project X LZ Onyx
• Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black

T200 Technology: Built as a tour-ready distance iron, T200 irons improve upon the technological advantages of the previous generation and feature a new compact and sleek shape. T200’s multi-material, hollow body construction provides controlled distance and launch, while improved Max Impact technology and forged L-Face inserts work together to retain speed on off-center strikes and create a fast, solid feel and sound. The distance and forgiveness advantages from T200 are worked into a player-preferred profile, as T200 irons feature the same minimal offset as T100 and T100•S as well as a shorter blade length and thinner top line than its predecessor.

T200 Black Specifications
• RH, LH availability (4-P)
• Finish: Titanium Carbide Vapor 
• Shaft: True Temper AMT Black Onyx
• Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black

Availability: March 4, 2023 

MAP: Malaysia – MYR 7,420 / Singapore – SGD 2,429 (7-piece set)



Titleist’s new TSR1 driver, fairway and hybrid complement the TSR metalwood family, engineered for the moderate swing speed player (those with driver swing speeds less than 90 mph). Promoting optimal launch conditions through an ultra-lightweight design, enhanced aerodynamics and strategically placed CG, the line offers golfers effortless speed, distance and high launch without sacrificing forgiveness, looks or feel.

TSR1 Driver: Built for ultra-lightweight speed and distance. The TSR1 driver provides moderate speed players the launch characteristics and speed to deliver effortless added yards to every drive. As a maximum performance 460cc driver, TSR1 is roughly 40g lighter than TSR2, with weight savings coming from a lighter headweight, 40g shaft and lightweight grip. The elimination of excess weight, combined with improved aerodynamics and a similar “boat tail” shape to TSR2, helps golfers swing TSR1 faster through the air. Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness technology found in other TSR driver models assists in speed retention from off-center hits, while a deep CG almost perfectly centered to the face promotes higher launch and exceptional ball speed.

TSR1 Fairway metals: The lightest and highest launching TSR fairway metal, TSR1 is designed to help moderate speed players get even more speed and launch out of every strike. TSR1 fairways have a larger footprint than the TSR2 offerings at 180cc, however, TSR1 is 20g lighter. An open hosel construction helps create a deeper CG placement that promotes higher launch and more forgiveness. TSR1 fairways also have a 15% higher MOI than their predecessor thanks to improved shaping and weighting.

TSR1 Hybrids: Built for golfers seeking distance and stability in their hybrid game, TSR1 hybrids achieve more speed and higher MOI through its enhanced profile and ultra-lightweight construction. A larger “wood-type” clubhead allows for a deeper CG placement and a more confidence-inspiring look at address. Despite the larger profile, the TSR1 hybrid’s design achieves performance gains without increasing swingweight. TSR1 hybrid shafts utilize a .335 fairway tip and are half an inch longer than prior generations for increased speed and launch.

TSR1 Technology
• Ultra-Lightweight Configuration: TSR1 drivers, fairways and hybrids have been stripped of every non-essential gram of weight from head to grip to ensure the lightest possible build without sacrificing performance.
• Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design on TSR1 Driver: New VFT technology originally debuted in TSR2, TSR3 (Speed Ring), and TSR4 drivers and is now featured in TSR1, optimizing speed retention on off-center strikes.
• Deep CG, High MOI: The center of gravity is positioned deep, raising MOI and maximizing high launch and ball speed. TSR1 drivers feature the deepest CG in a Titleist driver, now almost perfectly centered to the face, while the fairways’ open hosel construction and hybrids’ wood-type profile optimizes CG placement.
• Confidence-Inspiring Shaping: Larger footprints in both TSR1 fairways and hybrids offer maximum forgiveness at impact and confidence over the ball, while the updated shaping of the TSR1 driver sits better at address and aerodynamic improvements help swing it faster through the air.

TSR1 Lofts
Driver: RH: 9°, 10°, 12° | LH: 10° (9° and 12° custom only)
Fairway: RH and LH: 3W (15°), 5W (18°), 7W (20°), 9W (23° | custom only)
Hybrid: RH and LH: 4H (20°), 5H (23°), 6H (26°), 7H (29° | custom only)

TSR1 Featured shafts: TSR1 drivers, fairways, and hybrids come equipped with Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh shafts, designed for players looking for an ultra-lightweight set-up with maximum speed and stability. Metal Mesh Technology (MMT) is made with lighter and thinner materials and applied to the tip section to maximize energy transfer. MMT SpeedMesh shafts have a total playing weight under 40g (woods) and 50g (hybrids) across all flexes, complementing the lightweight construction of TSR1 perfectly.

Shaft Specifications
Driver and Fairways: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 40 (Men’s) and 35 (Ladies) 
Hybrids: Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 50 HY (Men’s) and 40 HY (Ladies) 

TSR1 Standard Lengths
Driver: 45.75” (44.5” Ladies)
Fairway: 43”, 42”, 41.5”, 41” (Ladies 1” under men’s stock build)
Hybrid: 40.5”, 40”, 39.5”, 39” (Ladies 1” under men’s stock build)

Drivers: Golf Pride TV 360 Lite Gray Flat Cap
Fairways: Golf Pride TV 360 Lite Plus Dark Gray Flat Cap
Hybrids: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 No Paintfill

Availability: February 24, 2023

TSR1 Drivers: Malaysia - MYR 2,650 / Singapore - SGD 859
TSR1 Fairways: Malaysia - MYR 1,530 / Singapore - SGD 499
TSR1 Hybrids: Malaysia - MYR 1,359 / Singapore - SGD 449