TaylorMade Golf announced the groundbreaking lineup of Qi10 Max, Qi10 LS and Qi10. This cutting-edge series unlocks a new frontier of forgiveness, with the Qi10 Max hitting the elusive total MOI (Moment of Inertia) of 10,000 g-cm².

“We’re all about breaking barriers and never looking back. From the first metalwood to 60X Carbon Twist Face, once we commit and cross a threshold, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation. Achieving the 10K inertia mark is yet another one of those in the long history of TaylorMade driving the industry forward.” - Brian Bazzel, VP of Product Creation

What 10K MOI means to the golfer
In its simplest form, higher MOI = more forgiveness. Higher MOI reduces head rotation on off-centre impacts, protecting ball speed on mis-hits and delivering more consistent launch conditions. This is measurable forgiveness. The Qi10 Max driver boasts a combined total MOI of 10,000 g-cm² (10K), a feat that is the result of advanced lightweight materials, a reinvented head shape and strategic placement of mass.

The forgiveness of Qi10 Max can be a benefit to golfers of all skill levels, from the everyday golfer to a major champion like Team TaylorMade’s Nelly Korda and Collin Morikawa.

Qi10 MAX: Four Key Technologies
The formula for achieving optimal performance in a 10K MOI driver requires the unified integration of four key technologies:

  • Advanced Construction with Infinity Crown: TaylorMade’s advanced construction techniques allow strategic mass redistribution, enabling a deep and low Center of Gravity (CG) for optimal launch and spin control while maintaining high MOI. The new crown covers 97% of the top surface creating a clean and elegant look.
  • Optimized Head Shape: The Qi10 Max features a shallower head shape that extends from front-to-back, housing a concentrated mass at the extreme limit from CG. This unique head shape contributes significantly to the clubhead’s inertia by allowing mass to be placed further from the center of the clubhead.
  • Carbon Face Technology: The Qi10 Max utilizes the third generation of 60X Carbon Twist Face®, delivering a fast face on center strikes, while also preserving ball speed on mis-hits. This technology works in conjunction with a redesigned ledge that houses the face in a position that flexes in unison to efficiently optimize energy transfer at impact.
  • Torque-Control Shaft: TaylorMade’s extensive research and testing led to the development of a shaft with lower torque, promoting improved face closure at impact. This innovation is the final piece in the quest for 10K MOI with TaylorMade performance.

“This quest to 10K is the sum of a variety of proven TaylorMade technologies that have been integrated into a new shape in the Qi10 Max, literally giving us the most forgiving driver in TaylorMade history with the highest MOI we’ve ever achieved. On top of it, the evolution of 60X Carbon Twist Face features a new blue colour pattern and high contrast topline that works in unison with the Infinity Carbon Crown to provide a very clean and refined look at address position.” - Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director Product Creation

Qi10 LS: Forgiveness, adjustability and performance for the better player
Qi10 LS delivers a lower spin and lower launch that is engineered to optimize performance for players with faster swing speeds and higher spin rates. With a deep face and a more compact overall head shape, Qi10 LS will be the preferred driver for many of Team TaylorMade’s Tour athletes.

Utilized throughout the Qi10 family, the Infinity Crown marks a significant leap forward in TaylorMade's carbon crown construction.

By extending carbon fibre to the extreme perimeter of the head and aligning it flush with the top of the face, this new design maximizes mass savings. This innovative approach removes excess weight previously located in less advantageous positions, resulting in optimal redistribution of mass for lower CG and better spin properties critical to players who choose the Qi10 LS driver.

Qi10 LS also incorporates a new, more efficient moveable weight that features a single 18g steel sliding weight housed by an innovative track system. Strategic shaping along the sole is designed to deliver better aerodynamics with reduced turbulence.
The redesigned structure allows the adjustable weight to move farther forward and lower relative to its predecessor, resulting in a lower balance point and optimized inertia for a more forgiving low-spin experience.

Qi10: Complete performance
The Qi10 driver has been strategically engineered to help players optimize distance and maximize forgiveness, wrapped in a clean, confidence-inspiring package. Qi10 features lower CG projection and higher MOI than previous TaylorMade drivers in this category, creating a driver aimed at golfers seeking the ultimate blend of distance and forgiveness.

A brand-new, slightly larger address shape combined with the clean look of the Infinity Carbon Crown and a high contrast topline for enhanced alignment that inspires confidence for all levels of golfers.

Qi10’s re-engineered 60X Carbon Twist Face is significantly lighter than traditional titanium and creates a more efficient energy transfer with a new supporting structure that promotes faster ball speeds. The face is also designed for improved preservation of ball speed on off-centre shots.

The entire Qi10 family of drivers feature a 4° loft sleeve (+/- 2°) and build upon proven TaylorMade technologies such as the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ designed to optimize ball speed on low face hits.

Specifications & Availability
Qi10 Max, Qi10 LS and Qi10 will be available in stores in February, 2024.

Qi10 Max has loft offerings of 9.0° and 10.5°. Shaft offerings are Fujikura Speeder NX TCS 50 (R, S) and Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM50 (R, SR, S). Qi10 Max also comes in a women’s version at 12.0° loft with Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM40 shaft.

A lightweight High & Light (HL) version of the Qi10 Max both at 10.5° and 12.0° lofts will be available in custom.

Qi10 LS is offered in lofts of 9.0° and 10.5°. It comes with two shaft options in the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Limited Blue 65 (R, S), Mitsubishi Tensei AV Limited Black 65 (S) and the Mitsubishi Diamana Silver TM50 (R, SR, S)

Qi10 comes with the 9.0° (RH) and 10.5° (RH/LH) lofts. The driver is equipped with Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 5 (S, R) and Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM50 (R, SR, S) shafts.

TaylorMade Golf introduced the all-new Qi10 Family of Fairways and Rescues. Breakthrough technologies are in abundance with an Infinity Carbon Crown in fairways and precision weighting and shaping in hybrids.

Both fairways and hybrids come in three different models: Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour.

Each member of the Qi10 fairway wood and hybrid family has a uniquely optimized face design focused around maximizing ball speed across the face for each individual loft. TaylorMade engineers used iterative computer simulations to determine the shape and thickness of each area to properly maximize the COR area around where golfers are most likely to impact the ball with each fairway model.

The Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour fairways boast the all-new Infinity Crown that provides a clean, uninterrupted view at address while simultaneously optimizing performance. Engineers relied on this new design to reshape the club, shifting more weight lower in the clubhead to maintain high inertia with a slightly enlarged face profile to inspire confidence and generate ball speed.

Qi10 Fairway: Perfect Blend of Distance and Forgiveness
The most widely used version on Tour and among amateurs, the Qi10 Fairway is the perfect blend of distance and forgiveness, while the precision CG location delivers a combo of high launch and low spin.

“One thing that golfers may not know is that the steel model of TaylorMade fairway woods is among the most played on Tour year after year. With the added performance of Qi10 delivered by the Infinity Carbon Crown and repositioned internal mass pads, we are confident that trend will continue. This is a very clean overall design that delivers the vibrant sound and powerful distance that TaylorMade fairway woods are accustomed to achieving.” - Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director Product Creation

The Qi10 Fairway incorporates proven TaylorMade technologies such as the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ and laser etched topline. Respectively, these features boost speed on low face shots and promote consistently accurate alignment. Continuing the legacy of V Steel™ technology, the Qi10 Fairway's sole design improves turf interaction and versatility.

Internal mass pads have been designed for balanced performance, weight has been split between low-forward and low-back to produce a hot trajectory with ample forgiveness.

Qi10 Max Fairway: Extreme Forgiveness & Playability
The Qi10 Max Fairway takes TaylorMade’s proven formula for this target golfer and enhances it for extreme forgiveness and playability. Its larger front-to-back shape allows for increased inertia that’s designed to deliver more stability at impact. A shallower profile and extreme MOI allows for higher launch and forgiveness across the face making this the most forgiving fairway TaylorMade has ever made.

Departing from the traditional, the Qi10 Max Fairway boasts an ultra-high MOI construction, combining low CG projection with a confidence inspiring 200cc head volume. Internal mass pads have been designed for maximum forgiveness with the weight moved to the extreme low back, making this fairway TaylorMade’s easiest to hit in the line.

Qi10 Tour Fairway: Three Fairways in One
The Qi10 Tour fairway features a titanium head that frees up additional mass for precise CG placement in a compact, Tour-proven shape. It boasts a lower profile moveable weight system with a 50g sliding weight and a 2° loft sleeve to offer versatile flight options. Golfers can shift the weight back for higher launch and stability, center it for all-around performance or move it forward for a low-spin ball flight with maximum distance.

New to the Qi10 Tour Fairway is the integration of a TSS weight and the innovative Infinity Carbon Crown. The TSS weight enables precise customization for pinpoint swing weighting, while the infinity crown provides a sleek, clean look at address that makes alignment easy.

Qi10 Tour fairway combines proven TaylorMade innovations like multi-material titanium carbon construction, laser topline alignment and Twist Face®. These features blend seamlessly to enhance overall performance across a variety of on-course scenarios.

Availability & Specifications
The Qi10 family of fairways will be available at retail in February 2024.

Qi10 fairways are available in 3-wood (15°) and 5-wood (18°) with Fujikura Ventus TR Blue FW 6 (R, S) and Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM0 (R, SR, S) shafts.

Qi10 Max fairways are a available in 3-Wood (16°), 5-Wood (19°), and 7-Wood (22°) with Fujikura Speeder NX TCS 50 (S, R) and Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM50 (R, SR, S) shafts. There is also a women’s Qi10 Max offering in the same lofts with Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM40 shaft.

Qi10 Tour fairways are available 3-wood (15°) and 5-wood (18°) lofts with the Mitsubishi Tensei AV LTD Blue (S) and Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM50 (R, SR, S) shafts.

Qi10 Rescue Family
The Qi10 family of Rescue™ clubs is headlined by the all-new Carbon Crown in the Qi10 and Qi10 Max models, which frees up mass for optimal weight distribution and forgiveness. Each Rescue features a different shape with the oversized Qi10 Max, classic Qi10 and compact Qi10 Tour.

The Qi10 Rescue has internal split weighting and low CG to create a versatile Rescue with extremely long distance and easy, high launch. The mid face height allows for easy launch from tight lies and confidence off the tee. Both Qi10 and Qi10 Max hybrids have the proven V Steel™ sole to improve turn interaction and versatility.

Featuring rear-leaning perimeter weighting and ultra-low CG, the Qi10 Max is a versatile Rescue engineered for high launch and max forgiveness. A shallow face height allows golfers to hit it high from anywhere.

Qi10 Tour Rescue has a deeper forged C300 face with a higher toe that provides a look and performance for players seeking the ultimate combination of distance, workability, control and iron-like turf interaction with excellent versatility. Internal heel-toe weighting promotes added forgiveness with a more compact look.

The entire Qi10 Rescue family features Thru-Slot Speed Pocket to optimize speed on low face hits and Twist Face corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits to produce straighter shots.

Availability & Specifications
Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour hybrids will be available in stores in February 2024.

The Qi10 Rescue has lofts of 3-19°, 4-22°, 5-25° with Fujikura Ventus TR Blue HB (7S) and Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM60 (R, S) shafts.

Qi10 Max comes in lofts of 3-20°, 4-23° and 5-27°. They are equipped with Fujikura Speeder NX Blue (S) and Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM60 (R, S) shafts. A women’s offering is also available with the Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM40 shaft.

The Qi10 Tour Rescue is offered in lofts of 2-17°, 3-19.5° and 4-22° with the Mitsubishi Tensei AV LTD Blue (S) and the Mitsubishi Diamana Blue TM60 (R, S) shafts.

Yamaha has launched its latest line of RMX VD. The new RMX VD series is a triple threat of ultimate distance, trajectory, and feel at a high level. This newly developed ‘Bull’s-eye Face’ optimizes all three factors of flight with a clubface that produces a high initial velocity when making contact just above the centre of the face. The RMX VD Bull’s Eye Face efficiently increases the clubhead’s ability to maximize flight distance.

RMX VD Driver:


  • The model is the initial velocity and straight-shot stability.
  • Made to improve distance performance with Bull’s-eye Face.
  • Low centre of gravity combined with a newly designed shaft adapter sleeve for a more responsive feel. With this technology, it maintains a straight trajectory even with off-centre hits.

SRP: RMX VD/X: RM 3,750Yamaha RMX VD/X Driver



  • The model is the initial velocity and optimal handling NEO athlete model.
  • Similar to the VD/X, bringing you an improved flight performance with the ‘Bull’s-eye Face’.
  • Comes with a new shaft adapter sleeve that establishes a low centre of gravity with a responsive feel that translates to a moderate grab for solid delivery ball flight.

SRP: RMX VD/M: RM 3,750Yamaha RMX VD/M Driver


RMX VD Fairway Wood

  • The second generation of the popular RMX VD Fairway Wood.
  • Upgraded to improve the distance and spin performance, delivering the performance and demands required by players.
  • Includes four types of high-performing materials that provide unparalleled flight distance, which are carbon fibre crown,
  • titanium body, large capacity tungsten, and beta-titanium club face.

SRP: RMX VD: RM 2,520Yamaha RMX VD Fairway Wood


RMX VD Hybrid

  • A high-performing utility club that provides distance and superior spin performance.
  • Giving the players the desired trajectory and distance paired with great spin performance for accurate approach shots.

SRP: RMX VD: RM 1,850Yamaha RMX VD Hybrid


RMX VD Irons:


  • Uniquely designed with a rib in the centre of the head - giving the iron the ability to achieve a high repulsion performance.
  • Large capacity tungsten weight produces a high initial velocity.
  • Providing more forgiving when hitting off-centre with a thick face design and a high moment of inertia of 4.000g/cm2.

SRP: RMX VD/X: RM 6,790Yamaha RMX VD X Irons



  • Designed as Tour distance irons with a shift to more soft-forged components.
  • The newly adopted grooves within the clubhead further enhance the initial velocity and improve impact performance.
  • A harmonious blend of distance, feel, and stability for golf enthusiasts.

SRP: RMX VD/M: RM 5,320

Yamaha RMX VD M Irons



  • Newly improved tour irons.
  • Redesigned to meet the needs of tour players - from the shape, centre of gravity to bounce performance.
  • With the advanced shape of the iron head, the placement in centre of gravity placement design is bound to deliver precise shot control, while the improvement in the annealing process boosts up the feel.

SRP: RMX VD/R: RM 6,390Yamaha RMX VD R Irons


The new Yamaha RMX VD line-up is exclusively available at all major MST Golf outlets.

TaylorMade Golf introduced the all-new Qi Irons, a blend of minimalistic aesthetics and advanced multi-material technology. Qi irons aim to deliver the optimal combination of distance, accuracy and solid feel in an inviting game-improvement package.

At the heart of the Qi Iron is individual head optimization, organic face designs and FLTD CG, all working in unison to help golfers minimize the right miss. It’s no secret that many golfers in the game improvement category have a propensity for the slice. So, why do the leading game improvement irons have a fade bias in the long irons? Don’t worry, it didn’t make sense to our engineers either.

That’s why we designed the all-new Qi irons to have significantly less right bias, for straighter and more accurate shots. Read the chart below to see how Qi irons stack up compared to other leading game improvement sets.

"Qi Irons represent a fusion of performance and design, delivering a combination of distance and accuracy with a solid feel unexpected of game improvement irons. We rely on a team of technologies to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of giving golfers straight distance that outperforms the competition." - Matt Bovee, Director of Product Creation, Irons.

Comprehensive Technologies | Integrated System Design
With Qi Irons, TaylorMade debuts its new Integrated System Design – a suite of technologies aimed at optimizing each individual iron head. The advantage of our system lies in the ability to facilitate communication among key technologies throughout the engineering process. This is crucial because the face design, Speed Pocket functionality and mass distribution are intricately interconnected, collectively influencing ball speeds, launch angles and spin rates.

Driven by organic face geometries, Cap Back Design and Speed Pocket technology, this comprehensive approach tunes the performance of each head to ensure ideal gapping, exemplary ball speeds and consistent launch angles throughout the entire set.
The 4- and 5-irons feature a lower profile backbar design for a low centre of gravity that encourages easy launch and towering ball flights. On the other end, shorter irons showcase a backbar design with exaggerated heel-toe weighting for higher inertia, delivering enhanced forgiveness with the ability to control ball flight with scoring clubs. FLTD CG also plays a critical role in optimizing performance throughout the set.

In the simplest terms, the advantage of FLTD CG is easier launch with long irons and better control with short irons. Considering that long irons are generally more challenging to get airborne, we strategically position CG lower to invite easy launch conditions. The CG progressively rises into the short irons, which aids in control, launch, spin, trajectory and accuracy. This intuitive design approach is new to our game improvement offerings.

Now in its second generation, Cap Back Design™ with Toe Wrap Construction blends the advantages of a hollow-body iron with those of a traditional cavity back, replacing the steel back with a more efficient composite badge. The result is a synergistic construction with optimal mass properties, clean lines and a satisfying sound and feel, akin to a player's distance iron such as P·770 or P·790.

Superior Sound & Feel

To enhance sound and feel, the 2024 Qi Irons feature re-engineered HYBRAR Echo Dampers in the 4- through 9-irons. Individually designed for each iron, these dampers incorporate strategically placed ribbed structures that sit behind the face. Each iron face aligns with the damper, effectively reducing unwanted vibrations. Furthermore, the Echo Damper collaborates with Cap Back Design and a 360 undercut with thick-thin topline geometry to maximize COR and forgiveness while maintaining a desirable sound and feel.

“These irons epitomize TaylorMade’s continual evolution in game improvement designs. We maintain the elevated forgiveness and ease-of-use, but package it with a clean look that any golfer would proudly display in their bag. In essence, we are delivering both distance and forgiveness within a more consistent and accurate package. All while achieving a larger sweet spot and a feel akin to forged irons.” - Matt Bovee, Director of Product Creation, Irons

Qi HL Irons | High & Light
Qi HL irons are crafted for players seeking higher launch and faster clubhead speeds. Loft configurations are approximately 2° higher compared to the standard Qi model, contributing to Qi HL’s ability to achieve increased launch angles. Another defining feature is the weight reduction, with like-to-like builds of Qi HL measuring up to 26g lighter than a standard Qi iron, a design element intended to enhance clubhead speed and overall performance for a specific audience. Stock shaft options include the Nippon Steel NSPro 790 (steel) and Fujikura Speeder NX (graphite) shafts.

Specifications & Availability
Available at retail in February 2024, the Qi irons will be offered in 5-PW/SW (7 pc.) and come equipped with Nippon Steel NSPro steel shafts (R: 820GH, S: 910GH) or Fujikura’s Diamana Blue TM60 graphite shafts (R & S). For women, the Qi irons will come equipped with the Fujikura Diamana Blue TM40 shaft.

The foundation of the Mizuno Pro 241/243/245 irons is a unique, long-standing connection between Mizuno's club engineers and its Grain Flow Forging plant in Hiroshima, Japan. A relationship that enables increasingly sophisticated designs to be crafted flawlessly into finished equipment. Where every fraction of a millimetre and subtle curve matters.

Director of Research and Development of Mizuno USA, David Llewellyn said: "Other manufacturers have widely adopted Mizuno's work to elevate the performance of elite player's irons. What now sets Mizuno apart is the ability to apply precise manufacturing techniques learned at our long-standing forging plant in Hiroshima, Japan, to increasingly complex designs.”

Mizuno Pro 241 / Centre Muscle
The Mizuno Pro 241 is a pure shot-maker muscle-back with mass accumulated centrally behind the impact. With Product Director Chris giving Mizuno professional ambassadors the opportunity to be involved during the development of these irons, the influence can be seen in the narrower top-line design of these compact scoring irons.
Soft Copper Underlay: A microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome – an additional touch to enhance the feel of our Grain Flow Forged heads.

  • Centre mass for enhanced feedback: Delivers a softer, longer sensation at impact -matching vibration patterns identified by Mizuno's Harmonic Impact Technology and confirmed through extensive tour testing.
  • Aggressively tapered blade: A more obvious tapering of the upper blade potion delivers an ideal trajectory through the set – with flighted long irons and penetrating short irons.
  • Thinner, tour preferred topline: Refined from prior blades through both weight movement within the head and adjustments in final manufacturing.
  • More compact short irons: A distinct shortening of the blade length in the shorter irons was a direct request from the majority of Mizuno’s tour players
  • Increased bounce angle: Increased by a degree in the long irons and 2 degrees in the scoring irons – for improved turf interaction.
  • Full Satin Brush: A less reflective finish to keep up with the overall modern appearance.

Available in 3-PW in Right Hand only.

Mizuno Pro 241


Mizuno Pro 243 / Tour Speed
The Mizuno Pro 243 is a manufacturing masterpiece – more compact and precise than its predecessor, yet faster from the face and more satisfying at impact. Performance improvements are only made possible through the long-term relationship between Mizuno's R&D team and its exclusive Grain Flow Forging plant in Hiroshima, Japan.

  • 4120 Chromoly with Flow Microslot (4-7 iron): A wider, longer micro-slot to create a more expansive high energy area of the clubface – resulting in a higher flight and faster ball speeds.
  • Soft Copper Underlay: A microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome – an additional touch to enhance the sensational feel of our Grain Flow Forged heads.
  • 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel 8-GW: Solid feel and control where most needed, with modern lofts to maintain even distance gapping through the set.
  • Harmonic Impact Technology: Applied to closely match the vibration patterns identified with a soft muscle-back feel.
  • Wrap Around Sole Grind: Heavy relief around the sole for improved turf interaction and seamless transition from micro slot 7 iron into traditional 8 iron construction.
  • Exceptionally Compact Players Profile: Dramatically reduced topline and blade length throughout the set.
  • Increased bounce angle: Increased by a degree in the long irons and 2 degrees in the scoring irons – for improved turf interaction.
  • Full Satin Brush: A less reflective finish to keep up with the overall modern appearance.

Available in 4-PW Right Hand only.

Mizuno Pro 243.



Mizuno Pro 245 / Tour Speed and Launch
The Mizuno Pro 245 is measurably quicker again from the face than the Mizuno Pro 243 but also easier to launch – due to a complex hollow body construction and internally suspended Tungsten weight. Packed into a staggeringly sleek chassis, the Mizuno Pro 245 showcases more than any model how rapidly Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forged process has evolved.

  • Hollow body GFF 4135 Chromoly face and neck (2-8 iron): With multi-thickness face configuration and laser welded 431 Stainless steel back piece for elevated ball speeds and launch.
  • Internal Tungsten Weighting (2-7): A 46g Tungsten weight is key to delivering improved launch, but is suspended to enable the sole to flex (key to faster ball speeds).
  • More compact partial hollow scoring irons (9-GW): Laser welded partial hollow construction, GFF HD 1025E body, with 17-4 back pieces for a penetrating flight.
  • Soft Copper Underlay: A microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome – an additional touch to enhance the sensational feel of our Grain Flow Forged heads.
  • Harmonic Impact Technology: Applied to closely match the vibration patterns identified with a soft muscle-back feel.
  • Traditional blade appearance: Shaped and proportioned like a classic blade, but sized for performance.
  • Increased bounce angle: Increased by a degree in the long irons and 2 degrees in the scoring irons – for improved turf interaction.

Available in Right Hand: 4-GW / Left Hand: 4-GW

Mizuno Pro 245


Price & Availability
The latest Mizuno Pro 241/243/245 irons are available at all major MST Golf outlets, with a SRP of RM6150 / SGD 1935.

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi / Tour Long Iron
The Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi has become a fixture with the majority of Mizuno’s tour players. An easy launching and powerful long iron replacement that flows seamlessly into either the Mizuno Pro 241, 243, or 245 full iron set. With a chassis now fully upgraded to 4335+ Nickel Chromoly for elevated ball speeds.

  • Nickel Chromoly 4335+ Hollow Body Construction: Utilizing a heat-treated multi-thickness face for elevated average ball speeds, with a more pliable body and bendable hosel.
  • Internal Tungsten Weighting: 23 grams of weight low in the head for elevated launch compared to traditional long irons.
  • Offset face weld: Placing the weld line inside the upper face gauge allowed a thinner topline. On the bottom edge, the weld line is back from the face, allowing greater flex and ball speeds from low on the face.
  • Harmonic Impact Technology: Applied to best match the vibration patterns Mizuno’s tour players identified with a soft muscle-back feel.
  • Increased bounce angle: Increased by a degree for improved turf interaction.
  • Black Ion Finish: Fully blacked-out plating creates the illusion of a more compact profile.

Available in 2, 3 & 4 iron / both Right Hand & Left Hand

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi / Tour Long Iron

Price and Availability
The Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi long irons are available at all major MST Golf outlets, with a SRP of RM6150 / SGD 1935.