The all-new GolfBuddy GB Laser 2S Rangefinder helps golfers lower their scores with its precise distance readings.

With the ability to read distances from five to 880 yards, accurate to within one yard, this easy-to-use laser rangefinder is the ideal companion whether for social or competitive players.

The ergonomically-designed GB Laser 2S features three different targeting modes: Standard, Scan, and Pin finder with vibration. The rangefinder also comes with an on/off slope feature that provides slope-adjusted distances for various elevations and is legal for handicap and tournament play.

Standard Mode
With a click of the button while locking at the target, the distance will show in the display together with vibration.

Scan Mode
Measure various targets by clicking the measurement button once to see the distance to each target. Targets can be scanned for 10 consecutive seconds and it takes one short click to start.

Pin Mode
Obstacles surrounding the pin can make it difficult to get an accurate distance, but with Pin Mode, golfers can now capture the accurate distance from where they are to the pin. All golfers have to do is aim the device towards a specific target, click the measurement button, and move the unit toward the pin to display the distance.

A Quick Grab magnetic function makes attaching the device onto cart bars easy. Additionally, the 6X magnification lens and target detection vibration alert makes finding targets easier during windy days or with unsteady hands.

Suitable for most weather conditions including light rain, the GB Laser 2S is IPX4 splash-proof rated.

Suggested Retail Price: RM1,350. Available exclusively at MST Golf outlets.