Navigating through the scorching heat during a round of golf at this time of year, particularly in Southeast Asia, is a familiar challenge. But fear not! Here are some essential gear picks to help you beat the heat and enjoy your game to the fullest.


Sun Mountain 68" Double Canopy Umbrella
Every golfer needs a reliable umbrella, rain or shine. The Sun Mountain 68" Double Canopy doesn't disappoint. It provides ample shade on sunny days and keeps you dry during unexpected showers on the course. With its UPF 60+ protection, it shields you from harmful UV rays too.

Check out the umbrella and add it to your cart here.


Le Botanical Golfer Defence SPF 50 PA++
Step up your sun protection game with this high-performance sunscreen, specially crafted for outdoor activities like golf. Its sweat and water-resistant formula ensures long-lasting protection against UVA and UVB rays. Plus, its convenient packaging makes reapplication a breeze, allowing you to stay focused on your game.

Vamp up your skin protection before your next golf game here.


adidas UV Face Cover
For added protection, consider the adidas UV face cover. Designed with moisture-wicking AEROREADY technology, it keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your game. With customizable fit features like a hook-and-loop closure and ear holes, it ensures a snug yet breathable fit, enhancing both comfort and sun protection.

Find out more about the Face Cover here.


Puma MATTR Birds Paradise Men's Polo
When it comes to battling the heat, your choice of attire matters. The Puma MATTR Birds Paradise Men's Polo ticks all the boxes: quality, comfort, style, and functionality. Engineered with dryCELL technology and MATTR fabric, it wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry, allowing you to focus on your game in style.

Check out this fashion statement shirt here.


TaylorMade T-Ice Sleeves
For extended sun exposure, consider investing in TaylorMade T-Ice sleeves. These sleeves are designed with moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry and comfortable all day long. Plus, they offer additional UV protection, making them an ideal companion for bright, sunny days on the course or during practice sessions.

Check out the arm sleeves here.

With these gear essentials in your arsenal, you can tackle the heat with confidence and enjoy your golfing experience to the fullest!

For every avid golfer who can't go anywhere without their golf bag, they might want to check out the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian.

Awarded Golf Digest Editor's Choice as the Best Travel Cover from 2016 to 2022, what truly sets the ClubGlider Meridian apart from other travel bags is the integrated leg set, which when extended can support the entire bag and its contents. True to its name, golfers can now effortlessly glide their bags through the airport, parking lot, or wherever.

The pull-out leg assembly is there to make traveling with golf clubs hassle-free with how convenient it is to pull out and lock back the mechanism whenever necessary. There's no need to fret in regards to weight either, as the legs are surprisingly light and sturdy to boot.

Sun Mountain's ClubGlider Meridian still checks off the regular features of any traditional travel bag and will keep all fourteen clubs in the bag protected with its durable padding throughout the bag and additional dense foam padding at the top to provide extra protection.

The ClubGlider Meridian is available at a SRP of RM1,150/SGD439 and can be found exclusively in major MST Golf stores in Malaysia and Singapore.

Want to make more putts? PuttOUT has the solution for you. 

PuttOUT says the key to great putting is with perfect practice. With their evolved Premium and Platinum Pressure Putt Trainers, you can now practice making the perfect putt virtually anywhere.

Designed with a scientifically shaped parabolic ramp, the Pressure Putt Trainers will return each 'holed' putt with the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed. With the micro-target in the middle of the trainer, only absolutely perfect putts will hold in place. 

A new development in the Premium and Platinum options feature the addition of an alignment stick holder at the top of the ramp. The holder acts as a rubber grip for the PuttOUT Putting Plane Alignment Stick set but it also works with a player's existing alignment stick. This feature replicates the 'String Drill' that many top golfers practice with.

Another feature that is new with the Premium and Platinum Pressure Putt Trainers from the original iteration is the three small dot targets. These dots allow the player to focus in or as another target to aim at. 

The micro-target that the original PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer was known for has received a new update with a supremely more visible 'pop-down' target based on feed from players. The decision to add a more vibrant target to the ramp was deemed as an essential upgrade as players would occasionally lose the aim point at address and eye angle with the previous version. 

Some features that did not need any adjustments included the convenient foldable design where it can be folded into a compact, flat size to easily be kept. In addition to that, the disc at the base remains the size of a regulation golf hole while anything that rolls over the disc and onto the ramp is a made putt. 

In addition to the new features in the Premium Pressure Putt Trainer, PuttOUT brings out an even more premium option in the Platinum version. The Platinum option makes your putting practice stand out even more with the addition of a beautifully finished alloy ramp and copper detailing. 

The new PuttOUT Premium and Platinum Pressure Putt Trainers are available exclusively from MST Golf stores and on their website at


PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer: RM229/SGD89
PuttOUT Platinum Pressure Putt Trainer: RM539/SGD179

Designed to offer both comfort and convenience when carrying your golf clubs, G/FORE's range of golf bags is here to give you and your golf clubs the treatment they deserve. With their practical features such as multiple pockets, luxe velour-lining, and matching rain hoods, these bags allow you to arrive at your tee time in style while ensuring your clubs are protected.

LightWeight Carry Bag:
• Incredibly lightweight design with durable ripstop nylon construction.
• Features 6 pockets for ample storage, including a 4-way top for organization.
• Equipped with quick-extending carbon fiber legs and a matching rain hood.
• Weighs only 3.95 lbs, perfect for easy carrying on the course.
Suggested Retail Price: RM1,890.

Transporter Tour Carry Bag:
• Made with high abrasion-resistant tour-grade PU for durability.
• Offers 6 pockets, including a full-length apparel pocket, magnetic ball pocket, and beverage pouch.
• Designed with a neoprene side panel and a padded convertible strap for comfortable carrying.
• Includes a matching rain hood to keep your clubs safe and dry.
• Weighs 5.74 lbs, striking the right balance between functionality and convenience.
Suggested Retail Price: From RM2,090.

Daytona Carry Plus Bag:
• Boasts a four-way top with velour lining for maximum club protection.
• Features a rotator stand system for stability and a self-adjusting convertible strap for equal weight distribution.
• Offers multiple pockets, including a large garment compartment, water-resistant pocket, cooler-lined water bottle sleeve, magnetic velour-lined rangefinder pocket, and pen pocket.
• Includes a rain hood and strap for added convenience.
• Weighs 5.75 lbs (4.65 lbs without rain hood and strap)
Suggested Retail Price: RM1,990

Killer Luxe Carry Bag:
• Combines style and functionality with its bandana-inspired design and high abrasion-resistant tour-grade PU construction.
• Features easily extendable chrome-plated fiberglass legs for stability.
• Provides 6 pockets, including a full-length apparel pocket, magnetic ball pocket, and beverage pouch.
• Designed with a neoprene side panel and padded convertible strap for comfortable carrying.
• Weighs 5.75 lbs, making it a fashionable and practical choice on the golf course.
Suggested Retail Price: RM2,090 

Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with G/FORE Golf Bags. These meticulously designed bags not only elevate your golf game but also make a bold fashion statement. G/FORE golf bags are available at all major MST Golf outlets in Malaysia. 


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