TaylorMade Golf revitalizes the essence of their iconic franchise with the release of the Spider Tour Series, a line of high MOI putters with renowned technologies like True Path™ Alignment, Pure Roll™, and TSS weighting.

These putters offer stability with a multi-material construction that pushes weight low and back in the head, maintaining the classic Spider Tour shape. A steel wireframe construction allows for precise weight distribution and CG location, catering to various putting styles.

The new HYBRAR Echo® Damper enhances sound and feel by dampening unwanted vibrations. The Spider Tour Series features the same Pure Roll insert as the original Spider X putter, delivering a soft yet responsive feel with grooves angled to improve topspin.

The Gunmetal PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish not only looks great but also adds durability to the putters. It provides protection against regular use and environmental elements. Brian Bazzel, VP of Product Creation at TaylorMade, emphasized the stability and high-MOI performance of Spider putters, highlighting their iconic features like True Path and Pure Roll.

In this new series, there are different weight options with different centre of gravity placements to help different golfers putt better.


Spider Tour
Spider Tour is one of the most recognizable shapes in the putting world, accounting for dozens of victories on professional tours across the globe. TaylorMade is breathing new life into the company’s most popular creations with enhanced materials, a new colour and refined weight distribution.

The Spider Tour model has a CG location of 35mm from the face, 5,700 MOI and 29° of toe hang on a small slant hosel. Spider Tour has over 700 MOI more than the previous model.

Spider Tour X
Made popular as the putter of choice for Rory McIlroy, the Spider X shape has been one of the most sought-after in the franchise. It was originally designed to convert players who loved blade putters into mallets, using a compact shape and modern look to deliver a more blade-like feel with the added benefits of alignment and forgiveness that are incumbent to Spider putters.

TSS weights in Spider Tour X are placed farther forward, generating more face rotation and a CG placement that is 33mm from the face compared to 35mm of Spider Tour. This model has MOI of 5,000 and 30° of toe hang on the small slant hosel.

Spider Tour Z
Spider Tour Z is one of two new shapes in this lineup, paying homage to the Spider Tour with a wing shaped back. The perimeter of this putter sits low in the ground to provide a comfortable feeling at address and help frame the golf ball for easy alignment. TSS weights on this model are placed very far forward to encourage more face rotation and a blade-like feel.

It has a CG location of 29mm from the face, 5,050 MOI and 29° of toe hang with a small slant hosel.

Spider Tour V
Spider Tour V eliminates the wing structure and creates a more modern streamlined look. It is the smallest putter in shape and size in the lineup, providing the most rotation of the bunch.

Spider Tour V has a CG location of 27mm from the face, MOI of 4,900 and 32° of toe hang with a small slant hosel.

Prices, Availability & Specifications
Spider Tour series putters are available in stores with a SRP of RM2,390/$735 SGD. All models come equipped with a white/yellow SuperStroke GT 1.0 Pistol grip and gloss black PVD KBS shaft

TaylorMade Golf unveiled their latest breakthrough in wedge design - the Milled Grind 4 (MG4) with the all-new Spin Tread technology.

Here's what you need to know about TaylorMade's step forward in the progression of the Milled Grind family.

It's all in the tread
This innovation proves crucial, particularly in wet conditions, where players experience higher launches and reduced spin. By combining the laser treatment with strategically designed grooves and a raw face, TaylorMade has achieved notable improvements in wet spin rates compared to prior models while also increasing face durability.

The technology works similarly to the tread on a tire, which creates space for water to exit so the tire can have direct contact with the pavement and better grip the road. In the case of MG4, the treads channel away moisture and allow the golf ball to stay on the face longer while imparting more spin.

Sleek profile and aesthetics
MG4 features a refined finish with a slightly darker tint, minimizing glare and providing a more unified appearance that blends seamlessly with the raw face as it oxidizes over time. Furthermore, the redesigned back geometry enhances the wedge with a more solid and softer feel – all complimenting its refined Tour-inspired shaping and address versatility.

A lineup with versatility in mind
TaylorMade has introduced a comprehensive range of sole grinds in the MG4 lineup, offering golfers more versatility while also simplifying the selection process. The grinds are categorized into three main options: low bounce (LB), standard bounce (SB) and high bounce (HB). However, to cater to different swing dynamics, the company added alternative options in each category, providing a total of six bounces to meet the player's unique requirements.

MG4 Sole GrindsTaylorMade MG4 Low Bounce Wedge

 Low Bounce (LB): Low leading edge for added versatility and shot making in firm conditions. lineup with versatility in mind.TaylorMade MG4 Standard Bounce Wedge

Standard Bounce (SB): All-around performance that prevents excessive digging and allows the clubhead to glide through the turf smoothly. TaylorMade MG4 High Bounce Wedge

High Bounce (HB): TaylorMade's standard high bounce design is playable for skilled golfers and defies the convention that high bounce wedges are only for high handicappers. In fact, Rory McIlroy uses a HB 60° Milled Grind 4 depending on course conditions.

Tiger Woods Grind (TW): Offered in 56° and 60° lofts, each sole on the MG4 TW was inspired by Tiger’s grind. The 56° wedge is a dual sole with heavy heel relief, while the 60° has an extremely high bounce on the leading edge with a shaved heel. Designed to be supremely versatile, these unique grinds allow Tiger to take on any shot, on any course, anywhere in the world.

Milled Grind 4 is available at retail with a SRP of RM1,270/$385 SGD. Standard available lofts include 46°, 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60°.

The Milled Grind 4 Wedges with TW Grind sole retails with a SRP of RM1,400/$425 SGD.

Majesty has launched its latest premium line of golf clubs with the new Royale family of golf clubs for Men’s and Ladies. Distance has always been a characteristic of Majesty’s offerings and their new Royale line-up continues that characteristic.

Majesty Royale 2023 is all for the men and ladies’ golfers who continue to challenge the limits. The moment they break their personal best, enjoy the feeling and excitement of the moment you beat your best.

The clubs for men’s and ladies' line-ups combine the era's best materials, technology, and craftsmanship. The fusion of performance and beauty stimulates the senses and brings out the best performance. You will be amazed at the speed of the swing. All the club shafts use a POWER EI-designed shaft that maximizes the ball's initial speed with high-speed swing inducing natural movement of the body and converting energy into the distance. The "sharpness" you have never experienced before, and it will accelerate your flight and passion. 

Majesty Royale Men's Collection.

Majesty Royale Driver
Has a low and deep centre of gravity design born from half a century of research for outstanding flight, catch, and stability. It comes with the 3D energize clubface which has energy efficiency improvement and the new material titanium Ti-613 realizes initial speed performance and high repulsion. The club also has titanium monocoque body clutch that helps increase the ball's initial speed without loss of energy during impact, realizing a light-hitting feel and hitting sound. It installs clutch weight where it is placed on the side of the club and high inertia is used to improve the feeling of hitting and stability.

Driver: RM 5,990 / SGD 1,850

Majesty Royale Fairway Wood
The fairway wood stays the same distance you aimed for, stays the same high trajectory, more accurate and bolder. The 3D energized face gives a hard material face that combines soft curves with a radial concentric structure achieving a high trajectory in an accurate direction. Comes with a full tungsten sole with approximately 60% of the head weight concentrated in the sole. It has an aggressive head structure and realizing a low centre of gravity, a high trajectory is possible in any lie.

Fairway Wood: RM 3,600 / SGD 1,050

Majesty Royale Hybrid
Same as others, comes with 3D Energized Face. It has Tungsten X14, which has a specific gravity 1.7 times higher than normal tungsten. It is placed in the lower part of the sole to achieve a high trajectory, and the low centre of gravity design makes it easy to launch the ball and improve flight distance and also has an aggressive head structure.

Utility/Hybrid: RM 2,950 / SGD 870

Majesty Royale Ladies' Collection.

Majesty Royale Irons
The irons have a maraging river face that can be reduced in thickness is used. Repulsion performance is improved, and the initial speed is increased with a sharp sense of impact to improve flight distance. The head realizes smoothness and flight distance at the same time. Nickel and chrome IP coating are applied to prevent scratches and a beautiful design is completed. It comes with POWER EI-designed shaft and a tungsten weight that is 40% more than the existing weight installed in the pocket cavity part, and the centre of gravity is low and deep.

Irons: RM 12,950 / SGD 3,990

Majesty Royale comes with the same technology for the Men’s and Ladies' clubs. The only difference is the colours of the clubs.

Majesty Royale Men’s and Ladies’ is now exclusively available in our premium MST Golf stores or online.

MST Golf is also the exclusive distributor for Majesty.

TaylorMade Golf announces the all-new P·790 irons, with each iron individually designed to perform exactly how golfers need it.

With precision mass optimization in each iron, tungsten weighting and SpeedFoam™ Air, every individual iron has a unique internal structure. This individually optimized construction is engineered to create an unrivalled blend of distance, forgiveness and accuracy.

The 2023 P·790 irons are all about what’s inside.

"P·790 is a collision of art and engineering. The allure lies not only in the clean design and visual appeal, but also in the high-performance machine that lives within. It’s the total package, an ideal blend of external elegance and internal power," said Matt Bovee, Director, Irons Product Creation.

Precision Mass Optimization: Each P·790 iron undergoes precision mass optimization, ensuring that every gram of weight is strategically placed for optimal performance.

Tungsten Weighting: Tungsten weighting is employed to fine-tune the irons' performance, adding to the individualized construction of each club.

SpeedFoam™ Air: This revolutionary technology is 69% less dense than the original SpeedFoam, contributing to a hollow body construction that maintains a premium feel.

FLTD CG™ (Flighted Center of Gravity): For the first time, P·790 irons feature FLTD CG™, which strategically positions the center of gravity (CG) lower in long irons and progressively shifts it higher in shorter irons. This intuitive design enhances launch, forgiveness, and spin control.

Sound Stabilization Bar: Found in the 3-7 irons, these uniquely shaped bars above the tungsten weight framework optimize feel and performance by minimizing vibrations at impact, resulting in a premium forged feel with ideal CG placement.

Larger Face Opening: Compared to previous generations, the P·790 irons boast a larger face opening that allows engineers to push tungsten weights farther towards the toe. This, coupled with a thick-thin back wall design, promotes better mass distribution for increased consistency throughout the set.

Refined Aesthetics: The P·790 irons maintain their clean and minimalistic appearance, featuring a tour satin scratch and pearl satin chrome finish. They seamlessly complement the P·770 irons in a combo set for a cohesive look throughout your bag.

Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™: This technology expands the sweet spot and preserves ball speeds, especially on low face strikes, contributing to enhanced forgiveness and performance.

Machined Grooves: Precision craftsmanship is paramount throughout the P·Series lineup, ensuring that every detail is meticulously designed to perfection.

The all-new P·790 irons are available as a seven-piece set at retail for RM8,800 (steel) and RM10,150 (graphite).

P·790 irons are offered in a set of 4-PW with the Nippon Shaft NS950GH NEO steel shafts and the Mitsubishi MMT graphite shafts. Custom ordering will also be available with various shaft and grip options.

ONOFF introduces their latest ONOFF LADY 2023 line-up. Made in Japan and exclusively engineered for lady golfers, the brand new design is aimed for lady golfers to achieve consistency and better perfomnce in their game with the latest POWER TRENCH technology.

The ONOFF LADY offers a wide line-up which includes a driver, fairway woods, utility clubs and irons. With custom colour options available, lady golfers can create their own unique set of ONOFF LADY clubs in their preferred colours.


• Features the new POWER TRENCH design, engineered to increase distance and better launch for lady golfers
• New improved club face and head design helps to minimize miss hits and makes it easier to aim.
SRP: MY – RM3720 / SG – SGD 1160


ONOFF LADY Fairway Arms
• Also features the POWER TRENCH design.
• Flat sole on the bottom of the club head lowers the centre of gravity for an easier launch.
• Increased head sizes of the woods are designed to provide better guidance and to help with aiming.
• Two models available – 3 Wood (16°) and 5 Wood (19°)
SRP: MY – RM2120 / SG – SGD 669


ONOFF LADY Utility Wings
• Features the POWER TRENCH design.
• Designed with a flat sole to help lady golfers launch shots from any lie.
• Two models available – U4 (21°) and U5 (24°)
SRP: MY – 1720 / SG – SGD 549


• Made with high-density tungsten in the sole to achieve a lower centre of gravity for better impact
• Grooves are applied to the toe and heel on the back of the face to increase the spring effect and minimise distance lost on miss hits.
SRP (Iron 6 – Pitching, Approach & Sand Wedge): MY – RM8150 / SG – SGD2520

The ONOFF LADY 2023 line-up is now available exclusively at MST Golf retail outlets.


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