Honma Golf, the epitome of finely crafted performance golf equipment, proudly announces the launch of its latest pinnacle of luxury golfing experience, the BERES 09 lineup. The unveiling took place at the prestigious The Westin Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia by MST Golf, the distributor of HONMA for Malaysia and now Indonesia, drawing esteemed guests including media from Malaysia and Indonesia, golf influencers, dealers, and retailers at the product launch.

The BERES 09 includes the 5-star, 4-star, 3-star, and 2-star offerings, representing the pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship and innovation. Crafted over decades in the heart of Sakata, Japan, the latest series by HONMA embodies the perfect fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology.

Guests’ first hand experience with the BERES 09 lineup.

Mr. Hiroshi Suwa, Managing Executive Officer of Product Development speaking on behalf of Honma Golf, expressed, "The Beres lineup is crafted through time, following its popularity for its high functionality, latest technology, and its uncompromising design and elegance. With the BERES 09, we continue to uphold our legacy of excellence and commitment to delivering unparalleled performance on the golf course. The HONMA BERES 09 promises a premium golf experience for the luxurious golfing moment a golfer deserves."

Honma Beres 09 showcases it impeccable craftsmanship to guests at Indonesia launch.

In his opening address, Mr. Ng Yap the Group Chief Executive Officer of MST Golf Group said, "MST Golf is excited to launch the HONMA BERES 09 in Jakarta, as the newly appointed HONMA distributor for Indonesia extending from our Malaysia distributorship. We are honoured to earn the trust and confidence of Honma Golf for the Indonesian market, and we are in a strong position to work together with selected authorised HONMA retailers to deliver the best Honma Golf Experience to the deserving Indonesian golfers. Indonesia is the key market for HONMA in Southeast Asia and we are committed to investing and building up HONMA to be one of the key golf brands in Indonesia as well as Malaysia."

The HONMA BERES 09 introduces groundbreaking advancements across its woods, irons, and hybrids, setting a new standard in performance and luxury into the world of golf.

Featuring HONMA’s Distance Technology with a new centre of gravity (CG) design and clubhead construction, the BERES 09 Driver optimises yardage with a draw bias, empowering golfers with superior performance.

Fairway Wood and Hybrid
Enhanced impact efficiency and an expanded repulsion area characterise the BERES 09 Fairway Wood and Hybrid, delivering unparalleled ball speed and controlled draw.

With a revolutionary groove pattern structure and a unique face design, the BERES 09 Irons offer remarkable distance performance, forgiveness, and a soft feel.

Proudly distributed by MST Golf, HONMA’s latest BERES 09 lineup is available starting 1st March 2024 at MST Golf outlets and authorised retailers in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

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MST Golf and Trackman, pioneers in golf retail and golf technology respectively, announced a groundbreaking collaboration that brings the revolutionary Trackman iO (TMiO) technology to Asia for the first time. Offering world-class golf retail experience in the world’s fourth largest population, the revolutionary Trackman iO at MST Golf Arena marks a significant milestone for both golf aficionados and technology enthusiasts.

The revolutionary Trackman iO (TMiO) technology reinforces the position of Trackman, leading developer of radar tracking technology in golf performance analysis in the world, with its first purpose-build product for indoor golf. Trusted by elite players, coaches, and clubfitters, the TMiO provides ultra-precise data on virtually every aspect of club motion and ball flight combining radar and high-speed infrared imaging to capture full ball and club data.

The MST Golf Arena at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading features 9-bay golf simulators, each powered by Trackman’s iO technology. With over 280 golf courses and seven engaging games, it provides a first-class playing experience that matches international standards.

Now equipped with the Trackman system renowned for its accuracy and real-time data analysis, the indoor golf facility allows golfers and non-golfers to enjoy a premium golf simulator experience for serious or fun plays with friends and families.

"Indonesia has a vibrant and younger golfing demographic and the standards of golf courses and driving ranges are regarded as one of the best in the world. MST Golf takes pride in serving the best in everything golf, and with the addition of Trackman iO at MST Golf Arena, we are stepping up our game by offering this cutting-edge technology which sets a new standard for precision, innovation and immersive gameplay within the indoor golfing landscape. We believe that this will bring a whole new level of enjoyment to new golfers, and excellence for golfers in Indonesia at our comprehensive, world-class golf facility.", said Tan Chia Loon, Country Manager of MST Golf Indonesia.

MST Golf Arena located at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, Indonesia.

"We're thrilled that MST Golf has chosen to embrace Trackman’s innovative solutions and superior service for their first foray into Indonesia. This collaboration represents an exciting milestone for both the golfing and retail communities. MST Golf Arena, offers enthusiasts an unmatched opportunity to refine their skills, engage in friendly games, and experience the latest in golfing technology, all under one roof. The partnership strives to create a comprehensive destination catering to golfers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned golfers.” expressed Nikolaj Kromann Jørgensen, Vice CEO of Trackman.

Boasting more than 17,000 sqft, discover a curated selection of over 90 equipment, apparel, and accessories from more than 50 world-renowned golf brands at the retail section to cater to your every golfing needs. The indoor golf facility also houses The Golf Lab SEA (academy and club fitting), and a collaboration with SIXTYNINE Cafe for F&B services. Like and follow @mstgolf_id on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

TaylorMade, one of the most innovative, performance driven golf brands in the world continues to innovate and excite golfers with the debut of its Qi10 series, the brand’s most forgiving lineup yet! Held at the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club yesterday, TaylorMade Malaysia organised a product experience event where golfers got to experience first-hand the groundbreaking technology and performance of the Qi10 range.

Attracting close to 100 golfers, both men’s and ladies, it was a product experiential day where Malaysian golfers tested the Qi10 Drivers - Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 LS, the Qi10 Fairway and Qi10 Rescue family – Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour, and Qi irons. It was an unforgettable golfing experience for TaylorMade enthusiasts and golfers as they got to explore the cutting-edge features and precision engineering that define TaylorMade’s commitment to excellence. Feedback from golfers on the Qi10 series were synonymous – a truly forgiving line up by TaylorMade by far!

One of the highlights of the event was the longest drive challenge where participants showcased their skills and competed using TaylorMade’s fastest and most forgiving drivers suitable for all skill levels. The top three longest drive winners who demonstrated exceptional power walked away with a dozen TaylorMade TP5 golf balls and a TaylorMade cap for their achievement. Participants also got to participate in a lucky draw, with the winner walking away with the TaylorMade cart bag to enhance their enjoyment in the sport.

Longest driver M Shukri at TaylorMade’s product experiential day at KLGCC.

The Qi10 family of drivers unlocks a new frontier of forgiveness through the combination of various technologies which resulted in the most forgiving driver in TaylorMade’s history. Forgiveness runs in the family with the Qi10 fairways and hybrids through the use of breakthrough technologies with an Infinity Carbon Crown in fairways and precision weighting and shaping in hybrids. The all-new Qi irons delivers the optimal combination of distance, accuracy and solid feel in an inviting game-improvement package through a blend of minimalistic aesthetics and advanced multi-material technology.

Proudly distributed by MST Golf, TaylorMade’s latest lineup is available nationwide starting today, 2nd February 2024 at MST Golf outlets nationwide, MST Golf’s e-commerce site (mstgolf.com) and authorised TaylorMade retailers. For the latest product and upcoming demo days of the Qi10 series by TaylorMade, follow TaylorMadeGolfMalaysia on Facebook and Instagram. Learn about TaylorMade’s Qi10 at taylormadegolf.com.my.

As the 16th edition of the HSBC Women’s World Championship is set to return for its 11th year at Sentosa Golf Club’s renowned Tanjong Course from February 29 to March 3, 2024, Golf Matters spoke to Andy Johnston, the General Manager and Head of Agronomy at Sentosa Golf Club as he shared the meticulous preparations behind the scenes and how pivotal his and his team's roles are in hosting 'Asia's Major'.

Nestled on Sentosa Island, Sentosa Golf Club stands as one of Asia's premier golfing establishments, adorned with accolades such as being ranked within the 'Top 100 World’s Greatest Golf Courses' by Golf Digest and 'Top 100 in the World' by Platinum Clubs of the World.

Against the backdrop of Sentosa Golf Club's 50th anniversary celebration and its groundbreaking achievements in sustainability, Johnston sheds light on the agronomic policies and best practices employed to ensure a successful and memorable event.

How did you navigate and address the unique challenges in meticulously preparing for the HSBC Women's World Cup in March 2024, considering the magnitude of hosting such a championship?
Navigating and addressing the distinctive challenges associated with meticulously preparing for the HSBC Women's World Championship in March 2024 has been a difficult process. The multitude of obstacles encountered during the build-up with unpredictable weather conditions proving to be a prominent factor. December and January posed unprecedented challenges, marked by irregular monsoonal weather patterns. However, as we enter February, there is a positive trend towards normalization, with occasional showers leading up to the event.

Adapting to the unpredictability of daily showers, the heavy monsoonal events, and thunderstorms demanded an intuitive and nimble approach to ensure we meet our required goals for an event such as the HSBC Women’s World Championship. These weather conditions not only increased disease pressure but also disrupted our meticulously planned mowing routines.

Another significant challenge arises from the higher-than-usual planning occupancy, placing excessive wear and stress on our facilities and infrastructure. The global nature of the tournament further complicates matters, introducing logistical challenges in shipping equipment and supplies to the destination. Overcoming these hurdles underscores the necessity for intricate preparations for globally significant events like the HSBC Women's World Championship on the LPGA Tour.

Despite these unique challenges, our commitment to delivering a world-class tournament experience remains unwavering. We recognize that such events demand resilience, adaptability, and a proactive approach to ensure a seamless execution to showcase the best in women's golf on the global stage.

Can you elaborate on the significance of the partnership between Sentosa Golf Club and the HSBC Women’s World Championship, highlighting the positive impacts this collaboration has had on both entities?
The collaboration with HSBC and the LPGA Tour has helped to significantly heighten women’s golf and of course Sentosa Golf Club’s prominence, positively influencing visibility and overall development. High-profile moments such as Paula Creamer’s incredible putt, Michelle Wie’s chip-in, and back-to-back victories for former world No.1 Jin Young Ko, have played a pivotal role in enhancing the Club’s reputation on the world stage.

These iconic moments have become synonymous with Sentosa Golf Club's commitment to golfing excellence. Engraved in the memories of golf enthusiasts worldwide, they have garnered global recognition for the Club, solidifying its esteemed status in the golfing community.

The Club's affiliation with the tournament underscores its dedication to excellence, positioning it as a top-tier venue capable of hosting world-class events. The event not only draws significant media attention, showcasing the Club's scenic beauty but also establishes it as a preferred destination for international golf events.

Hosting a major event also bring economic benefits to the local community and contributes to tourism, creating a positive impact, supporting local businesses and positioning the region as a premier destination for golf tourism.

Andrew Johnston - General Manager, Director of Agronomy and Resident Golf Course Designer at SGC


In what ways has Sentosa Golf Club played a transformative role in shaping the golf landscape in Singapore and Asia by bringing elite-level women's golf to the region through hosting the HSBC Women’s World Championship?
The Club has helped to make a significant impact on Singapore and Asia by introducing elite-level women’s golf to the region. The annual hosting of the HSBC Women’s World Championship stands out as a pivotal event with far-reaching implications for the golf landscape in the region.

It stands as a catalyst for inspiring future generations of female golfers. The visibility of top women players competing at the pinnacle of the sport acts as a powerful motivator for young aspiring golfers in Singapore and across Asia, fostering increased participation.

Through the presentation of a world-class women’s golf event, Sentosa Golf Club has emerged as a key influencer in promoting the sport at the highest level, inspiring a new generation of golf enthusiasts, and positioning the region as a central hub for top-tier women’s golf competitions.

How does Sentosa Golf Club consistently maintain its reputation as one of the best golf clubs globally, attracting top-tier players and contributing significantly to the success of high-profile events like the HSBC Women’s World Championship?
At the heart of the Club’s appeal lies its world-class golf course design. Both courses’ layout, coupled with challenging features and meticulous maintenance, deliver an exceptional playing experience. Meticulous attention to detail in course design guarantees that it aligns with the elevated standards expected by elite players, as well as our members and guests.

Our unwavering commitment to maintaining tournament-ready conditions 365 days of the year is a pivotal factor in its global reputation. The thorough care given to both courses by our agronomy team ensures that playing standards remain in optimal condition. This dedication to course maintenance proves indispensable when hosting major tournaments.

We have a great track record in organizing and hosting high-profile events. This has helped us establish a legacy that transcends amongst the top players in the world and solidifies our reputation as a venue synonymous with elite-level competition. Events at Sentosa Golf Club are always ones that players aspire to win.

Ensuring an exceptional experience for our members and guests is also of paramount importance. The combination of a world-class golfing environment, exceptional hospitality, and an unwavering commitment to customer service creates a setting appreciated by all who visit the Club. Continuous improvement and innovation are at the forefront of our vision, whether through adopting cutting-edge technology, enhancing the course, or upgrading facilities.

Could you provide insights into the agronomy techniques and their role in contributing to the success of hosting world-class sporting events at Sentosa Golf Club, particularly in the context to the upcoming HSBC Women’s World Championship?
To meet the requirements of hosting world-class events, the Club employs a variety of specific agronomy techniques, including customized turf management, precision irrigation systems, strategic fertility programs, regular monitoring, and analysis, as well as aerification and topdressing.

Our agronomy practices are meticulously crafted to address the unique demands of hosting top-tier events. This often involves the integration of precision techniques, sustainable approaches, and a steadfast commitment to the long-term health of the courses. By implementing these practices, not only do we ensure that the playing standards consistently meeting professional standards but also actively contribute to the overall sustainability and resilience of the golf course.

This approach aligns with principles of environmental responsibility and community engagement, reflecting the Club’s dedication to a holistic and responsible approach to golf course management.

With Sentosa Golf Club committed to sustainability, how does the Club continue to commit to the cause throughout the preparations for the HSBC Women’s World Championship?
It doesn’t matter whether we are hosting a major tournament or preparing the courses for general play, the Club is always dedicated to sustainable golf course management. Our agronomy practices align with our overarching environmental objectives. The Club actively incorporates various eco-friendly measures, including integrated pest management, minimal use of pesticides, and strategies for waste reduction, aimed at mitigating the overall environmental footprint.

Back in 2022, the Club signed a 10-year partnership with The Toro Company to create a Centre of Excellence that would help to develop new techniques and test the latest hybrid and electric equipment.

Our preparations are also designed to minimize the effects on the biodiversity around the property. Initiatives have been implemented to help preserve water resources and foster soil health. These not only serve to limit the overall impact but also play a significant role in maintaining the overall ecological equilibrium of the golf course.

MST Golf Group Berhad ("MST Golf” or the “Group”) is pleased to announce its appointment by Honma Holdings Group Limited as the exclusive distributor for the prestigious Honma brand in Indonesia. This partnership extends the successful collaboration between MST Golf and Honma, as MST Golf was first appointed the exclusive distributor for Honma in 2016 for Malaysia. The distributorship for Honma by MST Golf will cover all Honma products including the BERES, Tour World and Honma apparels.

Recognised globally as the leading luxury golf brand in the world, Honma’s BERES luxury line is catered to golfers who seek ultimate craftsmanship and luxury equipment, while the Tour World collection for its high-performance golf equipment. Aimed at elevating the game of golf with the highest levels of artistry, quality, and innovation, Honma is renowned for creating highest quality clubs for golfers across all skill levels.

The strategic expansion of the distributorship is poised to elevate the presence of Honma in the Indonesian market. MST Golf Indonesia plans to establish dedicated Honma shop-in-shop sections within MST Golf stores and wholesale to the key local retailers as authorised Honma retailers, providing an immersive and personalised shopping experience for golf enthusiasts.

Guests at Honma shop-in-shop during the Grand Opening of MST Golf Arena at La Piazza.

Expressing enthusiasm for the secured distributorship in Indonesia, Group CEO of MST Golf Ng Yap said, "We are honoured and excited to be appointed as the exclusive Honma distributor in Indonesia, which we believe is the biggest market in Southeast Asia for its craftsmanship and premiumness. We are committed to enhancing the brand's position and visibility, establishing Honma as a complete luxury golf brand with a range of exceptional products, including golf clubs, apparel, accessories, and other golf lifestyle items."

Acknowledging the trust placed by Honma Golf Company on MST Golf, Ng continued, "We look forward to delivering the Honma experience to golf enthusiasts in Indonesia. Our goal is to expand the luxury golf market segment to a younger generation of golfers, offering custom fitting services for Honma clubs, especially the Tour World products, to ensure optimal performance for every golfer."

“I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Honma Golf Company for their trust and confidence in expanding our distributorship from Malaysia to Indonesia. We are eager to collaborate closely, delivering the finest in golfing excellence of the Honma experience in-stores at MST Golf and selected authorised Honma retailers," said Ng.

Honma is currently available at 25 and three (3) MST Golf stores in Malaysia and Singapore respectively. Following MST Golf’s regional expansion plans into new geographical areas, the distributorship will cater to upcoming stores in the country. Notably in December 2023, MST Golf inaugurated its first outlet located at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading in Jakarta, marking the commencement of its presence in Indonesia. The Group has further identified several strategic locations in prime areas, all set to be unveiled this year.


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